About Us

At The Open Studio, children & adults navigate through a hub of inspiration, color, ideas, science and technology. Tinkering, playing and making new friends is what we are all about…There are only two rules; everyone has to be safe and no one can ask, “Is this good?” or “Am I done?” Other than that, anything goes! Children are trusted, treated like adults and given the inspiration to express themselves through their artwork and creations. We offer after school chugim (workshops) courses, such as English through Baking & Art, Painting & Drawing, Sculpture, The Science of Art and more!

Several media are available such as; various types of painting, electronics, mosaics, glass painting, paper arts, fabric arts and much more. In the summers, and on school vacations, we offer camps for children, and courses for Adults and Teens. In the winter months, you can end your weekend with a relaxing musical evening at the Open Studio, in our adult Open Studio space.

Creative Philosophy:

Every child is an artist. The problem is remaining one as we grow up. -Pablo Picasso

Our vision at The Open Studio is to challenge each person that comes to one of our programs to see him or herself as an artist again. A balance of creative free choice and art explorations within several art mediums & and professional facilitation, empower and encourage creative identity. Whenever appropriate, this vision is extended to visits to local artists, and beautiful places in and around Jerusalem which inspire our creative work.

“Avigayle is a talented—and self-taught—artist, who has created a studio that is unlike any other…Avigayle’s art classes are not classes at all; she provides an accepting space, materials, and advice to children, who are then allowed to follow their visions to fruition… Avigayle empowers children, treating each of them with respect and dignity. Children leave each week with augmented self-esteem, a sense of pride, and tangible accomplishments…I firmly believe that the weekly visits to the studio are what helped my son through a difficult year in kindergarten, giving him the confidence and composure to enter first grade, he is always thrilled to come back…Avigayle’s studio model is one that is worth expanding and replicating. The education her students receive—a love of art, a love of Jewish heritage, a love of Israel, and a healthy dose of positive self-esteem—is invaluable.”   

-Deena Glickman, Katamonim


One thought on “About Us

  1. HI Avigayle,
    Just read your story. What an inspiring article!!!! B’H’ you have come a long way and I wish you continued hatzlacha!!!!
    I jsut learned of your studio and would like to come as soon as possible to take a class. Hope to meet you then,

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