“Avigayle’s creativity, organization, thought and concern for the activities and the participants combine to make this chug the highlight of my daughter’s week, as well as as enriching experience for me. Each activity, expands Aderet’s horizons of art and knowledge of the land of Israel…It is not a regular art class, but a door to many other cultures…”                     -Smadar Goldstein, Katamonim

Aderet glass 'silkscreen'
Aderet glass ‘silkscreen’

“Avigayle is investing her all in creating a community of young artists. Her vision is to make art accessible for all, and for every child – to see himself or herself as an artist…she empowers each young person to access the inner voice. In one week, Avigayle empowered my children to see themselves as artists. My kids were so proud of their work…It is apparent how much Avigayle enjoys the children and how skilled she is at understanding who each one is…Avigayle’s  educational model ought to be studied and shared with others.”      -Ruth Ebenstein, mother of three, Jerusalem

Imported Photos 01790“Avigayle’s art camp is different. She uses her background in education to teach children about art, Jersualem, what it means to be a mensch, & about Judaism…We have identical triplet boys and finding the right person to work with them is no easy feat. Avigayle succeeded in getting to know each one of them personally, was able to see each child for whom he was, and made each feel special. She creates a stimulating and supportive environment that enables children to learn create, and express themselves…Avigayle is a wonderful educator who really works hard to meet each child on his or her own level. She is very supportive and respectful of each child, and in addition to giving them wonderful artistic guidance, she creates a warm, loving environment that is based on middot tovot.”   – Tunie & David Schorr, Baka


“Avigayle is a talented—and self-taught—artist, who has created a studio that is unlike any other…Most art classes for children teach skills, Avigayle’s art classes are not classes at all; she provides an accepting space, materials, and advice to children, who are then allowed to follow their visions to fruition. My son likes to remind me that there are two rules at Avigayle’s studio: a child may never ask if his creation is good; or if his creation is complete. This exemplifies Avigayle’s approach: she empowers children, treating each of them with respect and dignity. Children leave each week with augmented self-esteem, a sense of pride, and tangible accomplishments…I firmly believe that the weekly visits to the studio are what helped my son through a difficult year in kindergarten, giving him the confidence and composure to enter first grade, and while my other children are furious that I will not let them join the Open Studio, we have decided that for now it is a place that should belong solely to him; he is always thrilled to come back…Avigayle’s studio model is one that is worth expanding and replicating. The education her students receive—a love of art, a love of Jewish heritage, a love of Israel, and a healthy dose of positive self-esteem—is invaluable.”   -Deena Glickman, Katamonim


“Our daughter’s 11th Birthday party at the Open Studio was wonderful!  The girls were engaged in multiple, creative activities that our daughter designed with Avigayle and all who attended loved it.  I highly recommend The Open Studio for groups of children or adults, or special events like birthday parties.”

– Laura Solomon, Philadelphia PA (USA)

Some of our other past clients have included: Camp Ramah of the RockiesCamp Ramah of the BerkshiresLimmud New YorkLimmud Colorado, The Drisha Institute for Jewish EducationPardes Institute of Jewish Studies, The Brooklyn Children’s MuseumMizel Arts And Culture Center (MACC) at the JCCMizel MuseumEmunah V’Omanut and the Jewish Community House of Benshonhurst

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