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Don’t let the kids have all the fun!
Tuesdays 20:30-22:30

Transform broken fragments into a beautiful masterpiece! Fill your life with more color and creativity! Introducing an accessible, creative, and professional mosaic workshop at the Open Studio. Customize a chair, table, tray, box from our collection or bring your own piece. Use tiles, glass, and objects you find in our treasure chest. Join the MOSAIC MADNESS! All levels welcome.
Price per session – 130 nis OR 7 class card – 585nis
Other art projects available as well including glass painting, silk painting, papercutting, painting on canvas, wood staining and more. See below.
Reservation Required 054-626-8496

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Mosaics Learn various Mosaic techniques and work with ceramics, porcelain, stained glass and found objects.

Papercutting Learn everything you need to know to create beautiful handmade papercuts in just four sessions. Beginners will learn design principles, cutting techniques various background techniques. Advanced seminar will created multi-layer 3D papercuts and apply traditional papercutting techniques to other medium such as cutting on glass, paper sculpting, 3D book art and layering on wood. Courses beginning on demand.

Open Studio Design your own project with expert guidance and work in whatever medium you wish. Available media: Mosaics, Painting on Canvas, Jewelery Making,Glass Paining, Encaustic (wax painting), Mosaics, Sand Paintings, Watercolors, Silk Painting, Collage, Fabric Arts & More.

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