Summer Programs 2021

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Summer Programs
@The Open Studio 2021

Updated Summer 2021 dates: July 4-August 19th. Campers can be registered for any number or combination of weeks. There is no camp on Sunday July 18, Tisha Ba’av.

Age Groups

Anafim (ages 6-10) A lot of free choice and creative inspiration. Projects are based around weekly themes and medium. Our afternoon Tzaharon program gives time for campers to spend more in-depth time on a specific project (of their choice) or try a variety of projects such as painting, jewelry making, sculpture, etc.

Shtilim (ages 4-6) Experiential beginners creative space based around weekly themes with time to explore, relax and enjoy the process.

Nitzanim (ages 11-15) Our famous “Artists as Mentors” Program where campers work alongside professional artists in their studios. In various locations throughout Jerusalem. Campers are responsible for getting to the artists studios on their own. There will not be transportation provided from the site of our younger childrens’ program

CITs Counselor-In-Training Internship Former Open Studio Campers, now aged 12-15 are invited to come back and join us as assistant counselors in our Shtilim and Anafim programs. CIT’s serve as a big brother or sister to the campers and are an extra set of hands for the counselors during our short day program 8:30-1:30. After that they are invited to stay on and pursue their own art projects in our Open-Studio during Tzaharon hours (1:30-3:30). Cost per week: 200nis, We only have a few spots for CITs per week. Those interested need to email with their experience at the Open Studio, babysitting, and/or in other art courses, and the weeks they are available. CITs are invited to join camp by the camp director and applying does not guarantee a placement.

Location, hours & pricing are for Anafim & Shtilim camps only. For details about Nitzanim programs, please see individual listings.

Location: The final location camp is currently being determined, it will either be in Arnona or San Simone. We haven’t yet made a final decision because we want to have the best facility in the most convenient location for as many of our existing clients a possible. While we know we won’t be able to make everyone happy, we are doing our best. This is why we are not requiring payment at this time. We hope to have an announcement about our location early next week. For more information please contact Avigayle 054-626-8496

Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. The full day program is from 8:30am-3:30pm. During this time, campers will have the opportunity to do various projects of their own choosing in the studio and/or cooperative games and clean-arts such as fuse beads, mosaics, watercolors, lego, kapla, drawing, magna tiles and sewing in our Clean Art Room/library.

Prices: Below are per week, in NIS, for Short Day (9am-1:30pm) and full Day (8:30-15:30). The “Multi-Week/Sibling Discount” applies to families registering for a total of 3 weeks or more and the discount applies to all campers in one family. Price Includes: T-shirt, sketchbook and supplies.
1 week:         900 (short day), 1150 (full day)
2 weeks:       1700 (short day), 2150 (full day) save 100nis!
3 weeks:       2400 (short day), 3000 (full day) save 300nis!
3+ weeks:     price per week: 800 (short day), 1000 (full day) per week!
Early Drop off only (8:30-9am): 50nis per week

Anafim – ענפים (Ages 6-10)

Week 1:          July 4-8          Art with the Masters: Learning and Exploring with famous artists
Week 2:          July 11-15      Creative Creatures: Observation and Inspiration from the animal kingdom
Week 3:          July 19-22      Paper Arts: Sculpting, cutting, sewing, rolling & more with everybody’s favorite medium
Week 4:    July 25-29     DIY & Design
Week 5:    Aug 1-5         Art with the Masters: Learning and Exploring with famous artists
Week 6:    Aug 8-12       Creative Creatures: Observation and Inspiration from the animal kingdom
Week 7:    Aug 15-19    Paper Arts: Sculpting, cutting, sewing, rolling & more with everybody’s favorite medium


Shtilim – שתילים (Ages 4-6) 

The Shtilim track will focus on exploring & discovering your child’s creative talents using all 5 senses, and strengthening their fine and gross motor skills. We use high quality, safe materials that allow children to create and have fun!

Week 5:    Aug 1-5    Art with the Masters: Learning and Exploring with famous artists     
Week 6:    Aug 8-12  Creative Creatures: Observation and Inspiration from the animal kingdom
Week 8:    Aug 15-19  Paper Arts: Sculpting, cutting, sewing, rolling & more with everybody’s favorite medium    


Nitzanim “Artists as Mentors” Camps (ages 11-15) all camps are 10am-1pm, (unless otherwise noted) with about a half-hour break for snack.  Participants will work side by side in small groups with mentor artisans in a specific field. This track will challenge, inspire and build self-confidence in your teens and give them expertise in that specific area.

July 4-8     
Metallurgy & Jewelry Design w/Michal Ben Ami, 1300nis
Square Photos of Jerusalem w//Judah S. Harris, 1300nis

July 11-15
Calligraphy, Design & Color Sharon Binder @Hutzot Hayotzer 1150nis
A week of Filmmaking w/Judah Harris, 1300nis

July 19-22 (short week, 4 days only)!
Art with Light and Flash Yaal Hermon, 1100nis

July 25-29 
Mosaics & Glass Sculpture w/ Leonid Kritsun @Jerusalem House of Quality 1200nis

Metallurgy & Jewelry Design w/Michal Ben Ami, 1300nis

Aug 1-5
Basics of Digital Photography w/Judah Harris, 1300nis

Aug 8-12
Mosaics & Glass Sculpture w/ Leonid Kritsun @Jerusalem House of Quality 1200nis

Aug 15-19   
Sewing & Fabric Arts w/ Rivka Ben Hamu 1050


Corona Considerations:
We are planning on running camp this year with social distancing in mind (capsules).

  • Campers will be in groups of up to 9 children with the same counselor and counselor-in-training all week. This will allow campers to choose their art focus as well as keep possible exposure contained within each capsule.
  • We will be adhering to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health including; mask-wearing, hand washing and not sharing food.
  • Campers are required to bring their own water bottles, snacks and lunch.
  • Therefore, particularly this year, space is limited. We do expect registration to fill up. So, it is important to register as early as possible.
  • There will be an opportunity on your registration for special requests regarding grouping.
  • Kits which will parallel our in-person camp are available for those that prefer to join in some or all of our activities online.
  • If a camper needs to go into isolation, and cannot attend camp in-person, we will gladly substitute a kit so that they can participate in the activities of their choice, along with us virtually.
  • Campers are required to hand in a signed health declaration each day upon arrival.

To register, click on the Registration link and fill out the form.

We are happy to prepare for camp even amidst the uncertainty that we are all facing. Meanwhile, we recognize that if we go ahead with all the preparations, and then camp is cancelled due to corona, there are certain “sunk costs” which would mean the end of The Open Studio.

Therefore, this year, there will be a non-refundable deposit of NIS 165 per child (just once per child, not per week). We are doing this so that, we can proceed responsibly. This is not an additional payment, it is included in the camp registration fee. Your balance in full will be due the Sunday before your first child is to begin camp.

If due to corona reasons, camp is cancelled, you will only be charged proportionately for the days that camp is open and will be refunded the remainder of your payment. (The regular cancellation policy, in the Terms of Participation, still apply if camp isn’t cancelled but you choose to cancel your participation.)

We want to stress, especially if someone in your household is immunocompromised or otherwise high-risk, that no environment can ever guarantee absolute safety. This includes schools and camp. If this applies to anyone in your family, please consider participation in our camps through a virtual kit.

You can always contact us via whats app at 054-637-2767 or by email: Please allow us one business day to get back to you.

Your partners in creativity,
The Open Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

What language is spoken at camp?
One of The Open Studio’s main goals is to help your child feel comfortable in an English speaking environment. To that end, English is our first language of instruction, however, all of our staff is bilingual and we do not hesitate to switch into Hebrew or offer instructions in Hebrew (along with the English).

How much time are the children outdoors?
Children in Shtilim and Anafim will have approximately one hour of lunch and free play time in a local park or outdoor space each day. Additionally, during our snack break (10am) counselors run fun games for campers to opt into and have a chance to run around outside. While we do particularly messy art projects (such as Tye-Dye & Paper Mache) outside, the rest of the time, we are inside a cool, air-conditioned space.

Who are your staff?
Our Senior Staff members are all professionally trained Educators and Artists. For every group of ten children, there is at least one counselor (quite often more than one) and a Counselor-in-Training. Our staff are all bilingual and go through a rigorous pre-camp training program. We always have a MADA certified First Aid Responder on Campus.

Can you take children with severe allergies?
If your child suffers from food or other allergies, we will do whatever is necessary to ensure they have a safe and normal week at camp. All our staff is trained in the use of Epi-pens and allergy procedures. Please call us with any individual questions or concerns.

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