Adult Workshops

adult os

Wednesdays 7:30-9:30 pm


Learn various Mosaic techniques and work with ceramics, porcelain, stained glass and found objects.   


Come leapapercuttingrn this intriciate art form which is as old as paper itself. Beginners will learn design principles, cutting and background techniques. Advanced students will create multi-layer 3D papercuts and apply traditional papercutting techniques to other medium such as cutting on glass, paper sculpting, 3D book art and layering on wood. Taught by Open Studio Director, Avigayle Adler in Hebrew & English.

Open Studio

Design your own project with expert guidance and work in whatever medium you wish. Available media: Mosaics, Painting on Canvas, Jewelery Making, Collage, Paper Mache, Sand Paintings, Watercolors, Silk Painting, Tinkering, Fabric Arts & More. Taught by Avigayle Adler

Tinker Lab

Come and play in the studio in our adult version of our brand new Maker Space. Robots that light up, spin around, scultpures that dance and more. Build whatever you like using batteries, electronic components, electric paint and more.