Children’s Chugim 2017-18

Your children are invited to join us this school year at The Open Studio where Art is
for Everyone! Your child will be supported, encouraged, and inspired to create in his or her own way. Chugim will be taught in English unless requested otherwise. Our studio is located on HaPalmach street in Katamon (33), Jerusalem.

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Pick up from Evelina at 14:45 & Horev 15:15*

15:30-16:40 Wearable Art
We will alternate weeks between fabric arts and Jewelry Making. Fabric Arts: textile collages & weaving, tye-dye, silk painting, jazzing up our clothing, batik & sewing. Jewelry Making: working with beads, FIMO, shrinky dinks, recycled materials and more. Ages 7+
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments

16:45-17:55 Painting & Drawing
The first half of the year will focus on form drawing: using pencils, graphite, charcoal, chalks and oil pastels. We will focus on texture, shape, line and tone. Mid way through the year, we will switch into painting using acrylics and will learn about various famous painters including Monet, Picasso, O’Keeffe and Van Gough and work in their styles on canvas, wood and more. Ages 7+
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments. Includes sketchbook.


Pick up from Evelina at 14:45 & Horev 15:15*

15:30-16:30 Open Studio
We will explore different art medium and techniques such as glass, mosaics, paper arts, fabric arts, and more. Towards the end of the year, children will have time to design their own project at the end of each unit. Grades 1-4. Includes sketchbook.
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments

16:40-17:40 3-D Art
Sculpture and Hand building with plaster, FIMO, paper mache, air-dry clay, fuse beads, recycled materials, and more. We will explore shape, texture and color in our work.
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments

18:00-19:30 Open Studio Masters
Open Studio/Tinker Lab for the pre-teens and teens with demonstrations on various techniques and skills and allowing for more individual choice & DIY projects. Ages 11-15. Includes a membership to the Studio to come during any of our other regularly scheduled chugim and sketchbook.
Cost: 2520 year, 205 x 10 monthly payments


Pick up from Yehuda Halevi at 12:45 & Horev School at 1:30. We will stop at Red Pizza for lunch. Children from Yehuda Halevi should bring lunch or get a Pizza Card. Horev kids should bring lunch.*

14:00-15:30 Tinker Lab
A creative workshop combining Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) including time for individual projects and free-choice art time. Ages 8-12. Includes sketchbook.
Cost: 2520 year, 205 x 10 monthly payments

15:40-16:40 Open Studio
see description and pricing above

16:45-17:50 English through Baking and Art
Learning letters and sounds though an alternating baking or art project each week. Children build an alphabet book throughout the year with their pictures, artwork and recipes. Ages 3-6, English spoken. Includes portfolio book.
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments


Pick up from Evelina at 16:00*

15:30-16:30 Open Studio

see description above

16:45-18:00 Science of Art & Tinker Lab
Exploring and experimenting in the place where science and art meet. We will make our own art supplies, grow crystals, power a light bulb using a lemon, create working electronic circuits using play dough, make robots that draw for us and more. Ages 6-10, English spoken. Includes sketchbook.
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments


2 or more chugim/Unlimited Pass: 360 nis/month. Includes access to any chugim we offer that are age appropriate for your child.

Friends & Family Punch Card – 7 sessions 550 nis (on Sale until Oct 1) – available to anyone registered for chugim that want to bring a friend or sibling on occasion or busy Open Studio Alumni (ages 9 and up) to drop in when they are available or have a special school project, Purim Costume, Hanukkiah, etc.

Sibling discount – siblings get a 7% discount (after the first child), cannot be combined with unlimited pass.  Policies
Chugim run from Sept 10-mid June. Prices are on an annual basis, broken into 10 monthly payments for your convenience. There will be 30 sessions of each chug throughout the year, we basically follow the school calendar. Withdrawals mid-year will entail a one-month fee. Chugim are taught in English unless special requests are made for us to speak Hebrew. Payment can be made by bank transfer or post-dated check. Checks are due on the first session of each chug in post-dated checks for the first of each month: September – June inclusive. All prices are in NIS.

Trials – If your child has not yet been to the Open Studio, they are welcome to come try out as many chugim as they would like for 50 nis per chug.

*Pick ups from school cost 25nis per day of the week, per month. Minimum number of children required to arrange pick up.

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