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Mask Making Kit
Mask Making Kit

for Pick-up, Delivery (25 nis) or Shipping (50 nis within Israel). All kits include what you need to do the projects with your children at home, Instruction, resource sheets and video tutorial links will be emailed separately after payment is received.

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Below are some of our most recent kits, View our Full Catalog here. 

Questions? call Rivka Ben Hamu at: 054-637-2767
Payments can be made via Paybox to: 054-626-8496, Credit Card, or through a Bank Transfer to:
Avigayle Adler (acct no. 261508), Bank Hapoalim (12), Snif Hapalmach (574)

The latest products will be added at the top. Be sure to check our Add-ons and Sibling Supplements Section at the bottom of the document.

Tye-Dye Family Party

Celebrate coming out of Corona lock-down in style and throw a tye-dye party with your family. Everyone can tye-dye their own T-shirt. Kit includes: 4 shirts (extra shirts 25 nis each), 3 colors of instant tye-dye powder, instructional videos, rubber gloves, clothespins (for spiral), salt (for setting colors), rubber bands (for bulls eyes), beads (for star pattern),
Indicate T-shirt sizes on your order form. Onesies are also available.
250 nis

DIY Felt Board Kit

Children will make up and tell their own stories, learn how to count, read and more with these re-usable boards. Can be used for homeschooling, chore charts, scheduling, math, independent play and more. Kit includes: llarge 60×60 felt Board, sticky velcro, scissors, felt pieces in many colors, tangrams template, instructions. Indicate choice of background on your order form. 150 nis

Glass Painting Party
(Ages 7-adult)
Paint your own glass dishes to decorate your table. Lots of fun for all ages. Contains: 4 plates or wine glasses, 5 colors of glass paints, shellaq, inspiration templates, Instructional Video, barbeque skewer, toothpicks, alcohol wipes, glass marker, hebrew letter stickers. Indicate choice on order form: glasses, plates, etc. 250 nis

Seder Plates

Mask Making Kit (Ages 6-adult w/adult supervision)

Mask Making Kit
Mask Making Kit

150nis – 4 masks in kit, or let us make them for you (50 nis per mask)
Your kids will be excited to wear the masks that they make. Includes: 4 choices of fabric, sewing kit, elastic bands, and instructions. Makes 4 masks. Choose your fabrics: Spring, Pretty Things, Blues & Reds, or Little Guys. Masks are machine washable and reusable. 100% cotton, 4 layers. When you order (link above), specify which fabrics you want. 150 nis

Mindfulness Sketchbooking (ages 9-adult)

48 ct. Gel Pen set, Sketchbook, watercolor pencils, pencil, felt tip marker, oil pastels 6 colors, mindfulness patterns to color (for gluing in sketchbook), fine paint brush, eraser, pencil, access to online template library, resource sheet with tips and ideas. 180nis


Slime 3-ways Kit (ages 7-10)

3 different recipes and everything you need to make your own slime at home: classic, oobleck & space slime (includes borax). Includes – pkg cornflour, borax, white glue, clear glue, mixing bowl, shaving cream, conditioner, payetim (sequins) 65 nis

Painting for the Little Guys (ages 3-6)

Tempera paints in 3 colors + white, paint brushes – fat and skinny, Wipe cloth, Popsicle sticks & chop sticks (for mixing paints), glass jar for washing brushes, 2 rocks for painting pet rocks, googly eyes, stickers, sequins, heavy duty painting paper A5 (6 pages), 2 animal sponges (for sponge painting), foam brush, texture foam sheets (for painting and stamping), clothes pins, bubble wrap (paint and add texture), resource sheet for homemade paint brushes & color mixing, Plaster shapes to paint: picture frame, challah,3 small plaster shapes to paint: stars or hearts. 95 nis

Painting with Acrylics (Ages 7-adult)

Acrylic paints in blue, yellow and red + white, color mixing guide, homemade brushes guide, clothes pins, 2paint brushes (wide and fine), 5-8 geves (plaster of paris) shapes to paint (depending on sizes) in themes of Spring, Animals or Chamsas (see pics below), Wipe cloth, Popsicle sticks & chop sticks, Glass jar for washing brushes, heavy duty painting paper a5 (6 pages), 2 canvases, tapetim (removable sticky paper- for cutting out shapes and sticking on canvas to resist paints), pencil, eraser, bubble wrap (for texturing). 115 nis

Easy Mosaics (Ages 4-7)

3 wooden shapes, planet, animal, chamsa (for mosaic bases), precut stones (can cut more with regular scissors), white glue, beads. 80 nis

Drawing Kit (ages 6-adult)

Includes: Charcoal set – natural willow charcoal 3 sticks, synthetic charcoals 2, canson charcoal papers A5 (x3), kneaded eraser, pencil drawing set- 12 pencils: 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, eraser, sharpener, colored pencils, sketchbook, oil pastels in 6 colors, for blending: tshirt square, Viva towels, paper towels, smudger, fine tip permanent marker, q tips. Drawing prompts, techniques & exercises. 135 nis

Science of Art Bundle (ages 4-8)

Includes supplies and instructions for the following projects:
Lemon Volcano – baking soda, food coloring, lemon, dishwashing soap, plastic fork and knife, lemon juice
Absorption collage – various materials and types of papers, wooden shape, q tips, paper towel, viva, liquid watercolors, pipettes, A4 heavy paper for collage base, glue
Magnet Maze – cardstock, magnets, stickers
Marble Run – marbles, cereal box, cardboard pieces, glue
lava lamp – vegetable oil, food coloring, 2 AlkaSeltzer tablets
black magic – black paint, paint brush, oil pastels in 6 colors, toothpicks (for carving designs)
homemade ice cream – small and large ziplock bags, chocolate chips, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar (all kosher for passover), rock salt, recipe (not included: milk, sugar, ice)
Oobleck – corn flour, food coloring, vegetable basket.
310 nis

Jewelry Making Kit (ages 8-adult)
Fimo, Shrinky Dinks & Beading all for Jewelry Making. Suitable for older children, teens and adults. Note: Kit includes many small pieces (choking hazard)
1 pair (2) of needle nose pliers (for opening & closing jump rings & assembling jewelry), Assorted larger beads, Small beads in a variety of colors, Shrinky Dinks Precut for earrings, charms, pendants, etc: 4 hearts, 2 ovals, 2 scalloped ovals, 4 larger sheets, wax paper for baking, Fimo (oven bake Polymer clay) in primary colors can be mixed to make all other colors for bead making, etc., Tube of All purpose Glue, Fish Wire (for stringing beads), Jewelry findings (at least 4 pairs of earrings, jump rings, 3 necklaces, magnets, keychains, hair pins.
280 nis

Clean Arts Bundle (ages 6-11)
15+ hours of Clean Art Projects & Explorations for the whole family. Everything involves easy clean up (water) and lots of free choice so siblings of different ages can do these activities simultaneously. Individual kits are also available. (Prices listed below).
350 nis (Value 430nis)

Exploring Watercolors Kit (Ages 5-11) 95nis
Includes: watercolor set, liquid watercolors, watercolor paper and cardstock, 2 brushes, oil, alcohol, fine and course salt, straws, googly eyes, oil pastels: 1 metallic & 1 fluorescent, instructional video, PDF Resource Sheets and links
Sketchbook Starter & Paper Arts Kit (Ages 4-adult) 165nis
Includes: sketchbook, oil pastel set, gluestick, quilling papers & tool, stickers, 24 ct Crayola crayons, paper packet
(Note: Kit only includes 1 sketchbook. It is recommended that each participant has his or her own sketchbook. Additional sketchbooks can be purchased in our Add-On section below)
Shrinky Dinks Kit (Ages 4+) 75nis
Includes: colored pencil set, shrinky dink papers: 6 sheets a6, 2 hearts, 2 ovals, 2 scalloped ovals, jewelry findings, magnets, key rings, wish wire, Hebrew letter stencils, online template library, instructional video and PDF
Fuse Beads Kit (Ages 5+) 95nis
Includes: 3 fuse bead trays in various shapes & sizes, 100g Hama beads, 30g glow in the dark beads, magnets, jewelry findings, keyrings, wax paper, necklace, instructional video and pdf, online template library
CONTAINS SMALL PIECES (Note: Kit requires an iron – not included)

Stained Glass Window hanging kit
Adult mosaics
DIY Open Studio Jrs. Kit (homemade playdough, watercolors, sidewalk chalk and tempera paints)
Fabric Arts Kit (sewing, felting, fabric collage, weaving, embroidery and crochet)

Individual Masks. Handmade, 100% cotton, machine washable: S (ages 3-6) M (ages 7-11) L (12-adult)
50nis each

Watercolor Set 12 colors

Square canvas

Oil Pastels 12 colors
20 nis

Sketchbook a5

Watercolor Pencil set

Hebrew letter stencils

Gel Pen Set 12 colors

Crayola Crayons 24 color set
20 nis

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Coloring Book Sets (4-6)
Includes: Choice of 2 coloring books, 24 pack Crayola crayons. Choose from: Animals, Mandalas, First Pictures or Sports

Pesach Creativity Bundle (ages 6-11)
10+ hours of Passover creative preparation and fun to get your and your children ready for an interactive creative seder.

Afikomen Hide N’ Seek Collage project kit Ages 5-11, up to 4 collages
Includes: Scissors, velcro, Matza to hide, glue, foam papers, sticky papers, beads, sequins, colored papers, ribbon, cardstock
Plague Sculpture project kit Ages 5-11
Includes: air dry clay, acrylic paints in red, yellow, blue, white, beads, sequins, googly eyes, brushes, mixing sticks, cup, Instruction sheet, Resource PDFs: Color Mixing, Hand Building with Clay, 10 plagues
Seder Plate Pillow Kit Ages 6-11 (enough for 1 child*-Sibling add-on available)
Includes: Felt seder plate, sewing kit, pillow stuffing, felt to cut out for plate items, velcro, glitter glue, Instruction sheet, online sewing tutorial, Instruction sheet
Marbling Set: Place cards Ages 4-11
Includes: food coloring, colored cardstock, recycled white papers, shaving cream, wooden dowels,3 wooden shapes, eyedropper, popsicle sticks, tutorial video
Bonus: haggadah coloring book, 3-D pyramid centerpiece, Seder plate with stickers

Pesach Jrs. Creativity Kit (Ages 3-5)
10 plague plastalina kit, afikomen bag for coloring, Haggadah coloring book, 12 markers, glue, glitter glue, assorted stickers, assorted papers & felt for collage, beads, googly beads, 3-d pyramid centerpiece, sequins & beads.


 Ages 4-10 (Shtilim & Anafim)
1 week – 800 nis
2 weeks – 1500 nis
3 weeks – 2100 nis
3+ weeks – 700 nis per week

Ages 11-14 (Nitzanim)
Photography, Painting & Drawing, Fiber Arts, Paper Arts – 1100 nis
Jewelry or Glass Mosaics – 1300 nis
Carpentry (2 weeks) – 2000nis

Early Bird Discount
100 nis off if payment is received by June 5.

Early Drop off – from 8:30 (additional 80 nis per week)
Tzaharon – 14:00-16:00 (additional 150 nis per week)
Full Day – Early Drop off & Tzaharon (additional 200 nis per week)

Adult Art @The Studio: Mosaic Madness!

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Adults!   Adults!   Adults!  Adults!
Tuesdays 20:00-22:00

Transform broken fragments into a beautiful masterpiece! Fill your life with more color and creativity! Introducing an accessible, creative, and professional mosaic workshop at the Open Studio. Customize a chair, table, tray, box from our collection or bring your own piece. Use tiles, glass, and objects you find in our treasure chest. Join the MOSAIC MADNESS! All levels welcome.
Price per session – 100 nis OR 7 class card – 600nis  On Sale until March 1st – 550 nis!
Other art projects available as well including glass painting, silk painting, papercutting, painting on canvas, wood staining and more.
For more information or to schedule a private session at a different time call us 054-626-8496

Costume Factory!

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Let the Open Studio help you and your children put together the most creative, unique costumes in the neighborhood! Come design and create yours at our Costume Factory. Adults & children will learn valuable design skills and techniques and are free to create their costumes with our sewing machine, paper machie, hot glue guns, and more! Prices vary by costume and sessions needed. Call us for your free costume consultation today 054-626-8496.
Mondays 3-8pm
Tuesdays 2-10pm
Wednesdays 6-9pm

Children’s Chugim 2017-18

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14:40-15:40 Beginning Readers English for Dovrei Anglit @ Yehuda Halevi School
Learning the alphabet for English speakers site words, word blends and word families to prepare children for reading. Grades 1-2. Monthly advance payment required. 65 nis per session. Groups forming in other schools and ganim based on request. Call for more information 054-626-8496

15:40-16:30 Writers Workshop for Dovrei Anglit @ Yehuda Halevi School
Children build their confidence in writing, spelling and expressing themselves in written English. Grade 4. 60 nis per session. Groups forming in other schools based on request. Call for more information 054-626-8496

16:45-17:45 Open Studio Jrs. @ The Open Studio – 33 Hapalmach
Lots of choices are given as children are challenged to explore their way through different art medium including paper arts, mosaics, glass painting, FIMO, Painting & Drawing and more. Taught in simple English and geared towards teaching English to Israelis. Gan Hova. (ages 4-6). Monthly advance payment required. 65nis per session.


Pick up from Evelina at 14:45 & Horev 15:15*

15:30-16:30 Open Studio
We will explore different art medium and techniques such as glass, mosaics, paper arts, fabric arts, and more. Towards the end of the year, children will have time to design their own project at the end of each unit. Grades 1-4. Includes sketchbook.
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments

16:40-17:40 Painting & Drawing
Using famous artists as mentors, we learn to paint and draw in their style.
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments

18:00-19:30 Open Studio Masters
Open Studio/Tinker Lab for the pre-teens and teens with demonstrations on various techniques and skills and allowing for more individual choice & DIY projects. Ages 11-15. Includes a membership to the Studio to come during any of our other regularly scheduled chugim and sketchbook.
Cost: 2520 year, 205 x 10 monthly payments


Pick up from Yehuda Halevi at 12:45 & Horev School at 1:30. We will stop at Red Pizza for lunch. Children from Yehuda Halevi should bring lunch or get a Pizza Card. Horev kids should bring lunch.*

14:00-15:30 Tinker Lab
A creative workshop combining Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) including time for individual projects and free-choice art time. Ages 8-12. Includes sketchbook.
Cost: 2520 year, 205 x 10 monthly payments

15:40-16:40 Open Studio
see description and pricing above

16:45-17:50 English through Baking and Art
Learning letters and sounds though an alternating baking or art project each week. Children build an alphabet book throughout the year with their pictures, artwork and recipes. Ages 3-6, English spoken. Includes portfolio book.
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments


Pick up from Evelina at 16:00*

15:30-16:30 Open Studio

see description above

16:45-18:00 Science of Art & Tinker Lab
Exploring and experimenting in the place where science and art meet. We will make our own art supplies, grow crystals, power a light bulb using a lemon, create working electronic circuits using play dough, make robots that draw for us and more. Ages 6-10, English spoken. Includes sketchbook.
Cost: 1988 year, 198 x 10 monthly payments


Sibling discount – siblings get a 7% discount (after the first child), cannot be combined with unlimited pass.  Policies
Chugim run from Sept 10-mid June. Prices are on an annual basis, broken into 10 monthly payments for your convenience. There will be 30 sessions of each chug throughout the year, we basically follow the school calendar. Withdrawals mid-year will entail a one-month fee. Chugim are taught in English unless special requests are made for us to speak Hebrew. Payment can be made by bank transfer or post-dated check. Checks are due on the first session of each chug in post-dated checks for the first of each month: September – June inclusive. All prices are in NIS.

Trials – If your child has not yet been to the Open Studio, they are welcome to come try out as many chugim as they would like for 50 nis per chug.

*Pick ups from school cost 25nis per day of the week, per month. Minimum number of children required to arrange pick up.

To Register

New Adult Daytime Sessions at the Studio

NEW! Adult Open Studio, Mosaics & Papercutting Sessions at the Open Studio.

Tuesdays 10:00 am – 12:00 (Moms with new babies welcome!) & Mondays 8-10:00 pm

100 nis per session or 7 class card for 570 nis (Bring a friend and he/she can use your punch card*). Note our NEW LOCATION: HaPalmach 33, Jerusalem

Please let us know you are coming in advance:054-626-8496 or email

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*1st timers only

Children’s Chugim 2016-2017

chugim 16

The Open Studio was rated 4 in the Jerusalem Foundation’s top 10 Family Friendly things to do over the summer! Now that fall is here, don’t let your children miss their opportunity to be part of the fun! Our chugim begin on Monday September 5th and run for 30 weeks. Garanteed small group size – All workshops are limited to ten participants, space is first come first served. Not sure which chug to sign up for yet? Try our our Drop-In Class Card, details below…Our NEW LOCATION is on HaPalmach 33 (just accross the street from Bank Hapoalim in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem).


Open Studioos

The cornerstone chug of the Open Studio. While we focus on a different art form each month, children are also given the freedom to design their own creative experiences & projects, explore, tinker & create in an English immersion environment appropriate for all levels. Some examples: Paper Arts, Mosaics, Drawing & Painting, Eco Arts, Tinkering, Sculpture, Jewelry Making & More. 1 hr, once per week – 265 nis/month, unlimited monthly card – 485nis Mondays 3-4pm with possible pick up from Evelina school, Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm, Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm, Thursdays 5-6pm

 2D /3D Artsan simone park

The first half of the year we will focus on the fundamental elements of design in drawing & painting: light & shadow, composition, texture, line and color and learning how to look and represnt the world around us. We will draw in perspective and create still life art using pencils, chalks, charcoal, watercolors and acrylic painting on canvas in plein air (outdoors). The second half of the year, we will move on to 3 dimensional art forms: sculpture in wood, plaster, recycled materials, wire and paper mache. Ages 7-12. 265 nis/month, unlimited monthly card – 485nis  Mondays 4-5pm & Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm

Fizz, Pop, Bang: The Science of Artscience4

Last year’s most popular chug is back! Here we will explore what happens when art meets science. We will learn about mixtures, solutions, absorption, magnetism, gravity, temperature, and more in this STEAM inspired weekly workshop. Ages 4-8. 265 nis/month, unlimited monthly card – 485nis Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm possible pick up from Yehuda HaLevi School.

English through Baking & Artenglish

Children cook their way through the English alphabet while learning to appreciate eating healthy food. Children will learn how to form and read letters, identify sounds and sort by word families and blends. Children will create their own alphabet book of their activities and recipies. Ages 4-7. 265 nis/month, unlimited monthly card – 485nis Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm

Open Studio Mastersmasters.jpg

Open Studio alumni will have the opportunity to learn more advanced skills and push themselves to the next level. In addition to our weekly chug, students receive an unlimited studio pass to work on their own projects throughout the week. Each month we will also visit an artist to hear about their work or a various exhibition at the Israel Museum. Ages 11 and up. 340nis per month (includes unlimited pass to the Open Studio, trip fees not included) Mondays 5:30-7pm AND monthly trip Thursday evening or Friday afternoons. 

Biz Kidsbiz kids 3

Young entrepreneurs will create their own business from idea to finished product. We will learn about and experience budgeting, marketing, production, online sales & more as each child builds his or her own business. 265 nis/month, unlimited monthly card – 485nis Sundays 6-7pm

Tinker Lab & Maker Space

Come and play in our brand new Maker Space. Robots that light up, spin around, scultpures that dance and more. Build whatever you like using batteries, electronic components, motors, recycled materials, electric paint and anything else we have on hand. 285 nis/month, unlimited monthly card – 485nis Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm & Thursdays 4-5:30pm

Art for the Little Guyslittle guys 2.jpg

A special weekly workshop for Parents AND Children focusing on sensory exploration, process and movement art for improving fine and gross motor skills. Taught in English and especially geared for little hands. Ages 2.5-4, 265 nis/month Wednesdays 16:30-17:30

Filmaking w/Yaronfilm8

Everything you need to know to make your own movies. We will use professional equipment including 360 degree goggles, aerial drones and more. We will cover filming, script writing, set design, editing, special effects & more. Ages 10-14, 300 nis/month Sundays 5-6pm

Comics w/Shlomi comics5

Learn from professional comic artist, Shlomi Charka as he takes children through the process of creating a character, its surroundings, a story line and more. Children will create and develop their own comic strips, superheroes and more. 295 nis/month.Tuesdays 16:30-17:30

Not sure yet which chug your child will like? Open Studio Special!!! Drop-In Punch Card

kids club

  • Come to as many of our chugim as you’d like before you commit to a chug in November
  • Purchase by September 15th, 7 studio visits for 500nis
  • Can be shared among a family (adult courses as well)
  • . Come to any class at the Open Studio
  • Punch cards will be valid until November 15th 2016
  • Limited spaces available in each chug – reservations must be made 24 hours in advance


For more information & Questions: email or call 077-60-40-523