New Programs for January (Children & Adults)


NEW! Mini-Courses for Children

Children learn in small groups, over ten sessions with Avigayle Adler, founder of The Open Studio. Each course includes time for individual projects. End of semester exhibition. Cost: 665 nis per course. (Second course is 30% off)


Jewelry Makingbracelets​​

Make jewelry and put it together. We will work with Shrinky Dinks, Fimo, make several types of beads, work with wire, weave, and applying these techniques to glass, wood, & paper. Ages 7+ 16:15-17:15 Starting January 17 Register Buy Now Button

Paper Arts collage3

Discover the intricate world of paper. We will sculpt, sew, emboss, print & collage, paint with pulp, work with tissue paper, make pop-ups, cut-outs and more for use in our greeting cards and memory pages. Ages 8+ 17:30-18:30 Starting January 17  Register Buy Now Button


 Adventures in Paintingback cover

We will learn several painting techniques such as blending, splatter paint, creating patterns & textures using everyday objects, wax resist & reactions between various materials. Ages 6+ 15:15-16:15 & 17:45-18:45 Starting January 20  Register Buy Now Button

Taste of the Open Studiobaking1

A sampling of various art forms children can learn in the Open Studio including The Science of Art, Baking the ABC’s, painting, cutting & more. Taught in English and especially geared for little hands. Ages 3-5 16:30-17:30 Starting January 20 Register Buy Now Button



Introduction to Papercutting & Advanced Papercutting Techniquespapercutting

Intrigued by the ancient art of papercutting? Explore this logical and yet whimsical art form which has captured imaginations for centuries. you will learn design principles, cutting techniques, & background options including watercolor, collage & more and will be able to create elegant and delicate works of art that are functional & beautiful. In our advanced seminar we will create multi-layered 2d and 3d papercuts as well as apply papercutting techniques to other art forms such as cutting on glass, paper sculpting, 3D Book art and layering on wood. ​daytime and evening classes available.

5 Tuesdays, beginning February 9 ~ ​425nis  + materials kit (135nis) Register Buy Now Button


Vision Board Workshops Vision-Board

Vision boards are an amazing way to set your intentions. Use images & words to represent goals, wishes & values. Each participant will create a personal Vision Board to keep. Materials, wine and light snacks included. 65nis Dates offered: January 18, 21 & 24, 19:00-22:00 Register Buy Now Button

New Momsmom

Experience being a new mommy through clay, drawing & color. We will take care of your newborn (babysitting provided) while you make time for yourself. Taught by artist and mom, Chantal Aichenbaum. Price including materials & babysitting: 570nis. 6 Sundays, 10:30-12:00, Starting January 17 & February 28 Register Buy Now Button

Art on Klafunnamed

Learn the qualities of Parchment, and how to best use it as a canvas. We will look at works of art on klaf and learn about proportion, symmetry, calligraphy & illuminated letters. Taught by Chantal Aichenbaum. 510nis. Parchment not included. 6 Wednesdays, starting January 20, 10:00-11:30 Register Buy Now Button


Starting with basic shapes and the elements of a line we will explore the rules of light & shadow, composition, distance & perspective. We will use pencils, charcoal and watercolors. Taught by illustrator Boaz Krispin. 785nis. 8 Wednesday (evenings) or Thursday (mornings), starting January 20 & 21 Register Buy Now Button


Combine writing, illustration, sequence, caricature and more to create your own comic. Develop dramatic narrative, connect images and textual language, apply rhythm and suspense. We will explore the work of well-known artists. Taught by cartoonist Shlomi Charka. 985 NIS 10 Wednesdays, starting Jan 27, 10:30-12:00 Register Buy Now Button


Learn embroidery from start to finish for beginners & advanced levels. materials included. Tuesdays bi-weekly. For information and registration: contact Donna 052-46-55-157

One thought on “New Programs for January (Children & Adults)

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    510 ש”ח, 6 מפגשים, ימי רביעי 10:00-11:30, החל מ- 20/1.

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