Triplet boys each find their own place in the Open Studio

Many of the camps we have sent our children to over the years end up being just glorified babysitting. Avigayle’s art camp is different. She uses her educational background to really teach the kids about art, Jersualem, what it means to be a mensch, and about Judaism.

We have identical triplet boys and finding the right person to work with them is no easy feat. Avigayle succeeded in getting to know each one of them personally, was able to see each child for whom he was, and made each feel special. She creates a stimulating and supportive environment that enables children to learn about art, create things without pressure, and express themselves without embarrassment.

By the end of the first week of camp with Avigayle, five of our children, aged 5 to 11, had joined; not only did each child have a wonderful time in her camp, they each learned something new about Jersualem and their own artistic self-expression.

Avigayle’s pre-Sukkot camp taught our boys so much about what is a kosher sukkah. She found a way to make it fun, educational, creative and artistic, and based on real Jewish content.

Avigayle is a wonderful educator who really works hard to meet each child on his or her own level and to help children express themselves, each in his or her own unique way. She gives the kids a wonderful opportunity to learn about different kinds of artistic media and empowers them to see themselves as artists and helps each child find his or her artistic voice. She is very supportive and respectful of each kid, and in addition to giving them wonderful artistic guidance, she really creates a warm, loving environment that is based on middot tovot.

 Avigayle’s short time in Israel she has already made a unique, important, and lasting contribution to the lives of children living in and visiting Jerusalem.

                                            – Tunie & David Schorr, Baka???????????????????

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