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Summer Camps 2018 – Explorations

Anafim – ענפים (Ages 6-10)

The Anafim track will be a journey that explores the world around us. Children will encounter history, culture, nature, and craft utilizing professional materials and use them to express their creativity. Bilingual program with weekly trips.
Week 1:        July 1-5              Underwater Worlds
Weeks 2-3:   July 8-19            Archaeology
Week 4:        July 23-26          Art with the Masters
Week 5:        July 29-Aug 2   Glass & Mosaics
Week 6:       Aug 5-9               Underwater Worlds
Week 7:       Aug 12-16           Fiber Arts
Week 8:       Aug 19-23          Art with the Masters

Nitzanim – ניצנים (Ages 11-14)

In the Nitzanim track, participants will work side by side with mentor artisans in a specific field of art. This track will challenge, inspire and build self-confidence in your teens and give them expertise in that specific area.
Week 2:        July 8-12           Artists as Mentors: Photo or Paper Arts
Week 3:        July 15-19         Artists as Mentors: Glass Mosaics or Jewelry/Metallurgy
Weeks 4-5:   July 22-Aug 2   Carpentry
Week 5:        July 29-Aug 2   Painting & Drawing
Week 6:        Aug 5-9               Fiber Arts

Shtilim – שתילים (Ages 4-6)

The Shtillim track will focus on exploring and discovering our neighborhoods. In small groups, using high-quality materials, children will discover their inner artists, develop their fine motor skills, English, and social skills.
Week 5:   29.7-2.8   Underwater Worlds
Week 6:   5-9.8        Tinker Lab
Week 7:   12-16.8    Creating the ABC’s
Week 8:   19-23.8    Monster Camp

Camp hours
8:30-9:00 Early Drop off (Additional 80 nis per week)
9:00-14:00 Camp day
14:00-16:00 Afternoon program – additional 150 nis /week 

קייטנת מגלים אמנויות

ענפים – גילאים 6-10

 מסלול ענפים הינו מסע החוקר את העולם. במסלול זה יתנסו הילדים בהיסטוריה
קדומה, תרבו שונות, מדע וטבע באמצעות יצירות וחומרים מגוונים. יחד ניצור, נחלום ונחקור במגוון דרכים עולמות חדשים. המסלול דו-לשוני עם סיור שבועי

1-5.7  עולמות מתחת למים
8-19.7            ארכיאולוגיה
23-26.7 בעקבות האמנים מהגדולים
29.7-2.8    פסיפס וזכוכית
5-9.8   עולמות מתחת למים
12-16.8     אמנויות הטקסטיל
19-23.8 בעקבות האמנים מהגדולים

 ניצנים – גילאים 11-14

מסלול ניצנים הינו מסע לחקר עצמנו. המשתתפים ילוו אומנ/ית בסטודיו שלו/ה ויתרגלו את היכולות שלהם בתחום האומנותי בו הם מעוניינים להתפתח ולצבור ביטחון ומיומנות.  הסדנאות יתקיימו בסטודיו של האמנים עצמם בחוצות היוצר  או באות בית המווצר בדרך חברון

8-12.7  צילום או אמנות בנייר
צורפות או פסיפסים עם זכוכית  15-19.7
23.7-2.8            נגרות
29.7-2.8   ציור ורישום
5-9.8  אומנות בטקסטיל

שתילים – גילאים 6-10

 מסלול שתילים הינו מסע בשכונה שמסביבנו. בקבוצות אינטימיות יתנסו הילדים ביצירות אמנות שונות וייחודיות, יעבדו עם חומרים איכותיים ויפתחו יכולות מוטוריקה, אנגלית וכישורים חברתיים

 29.7-2.8  עולמות תחת המים
 5-9.8    ניסיונות וניסויים
 12-16.8       יוצרים אנגלית
 19-23.8              המפלצות

שעות הקייטנה הגעה מוקדמת בתשלום נוסף של 80 ₪ לשבוע
מסלול הקייטנה 9:00-14:00
צהרון תוספת של 150  ש”ח לשבוע
גודל הקבוצה: לכל קבוצה בת 10 ילדים שח מדריכ/ה 


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2 Weeks of Camp left…Daka Tishim Specials!

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“My daughters’ experience at Avigayle’s summer camp was about so much more than the fantastic artwork they made. While I had simply hoped to keep them busy, with some enrichment thrown in as an added bonus, the experience instead resulted in a priceless boost to their self-esteem. Avigayle succeeds, without exception, in getting to know each camper personally, and in creating the kind of stimulating yet supportive environment that enables children to create without pressure, express themselves without embarrassment, and develop crucial interpersonal skills. I highly recommend Open Studio camps to parents of all kinds of children, with all sorts of natures and challenges. A rare and truly positive opportunity.” -Marla Goldfinger (Efrat)

Our Summer Camp Schedule is here!

Summer Program 2013

UPDATE: There will be no camp on Tuesday July 16th in observance of Tisha Ba’av, the price for that week of camp has been updated accordingly below.

A balance of creative choice and art explorations & and professional facilitation, empower and encourage children’s creative identities. At the Open Studio, each artist decides on his or her medium, project, stopping point. This philosophy is extended to several site visits. Multiple age groupings encourage a flow of ideas and limitless possibilities. Programs are taught by master educator and artist, Avigayle Adler, (MA Ed) and her team in Hebrew & English.
Open Studio Traveling Arts Camp: An artist’s View of Jerusalem

Each theme-based week includes trips to various art venues that will inspire our creative work back at the studio. Camps run Sunday-Thursday from 9 am-2 pm (with the exception of the first week, starting on Monday) for options for early drop-off & an afternoon program.

July 1- 4
Glass Camp
Glass Painting, Mosaics and Stained Glass work will be the focus of this week, which will include a visit to the Chagall Stained Glass Windows at Hadassah Ein Kerem. Note: Camp starts this week on Monday, July 1. Ages 6-12
Cost (NIS) 560 (early bird)
600 after June 3/180 per day
July 7-11
Fashion is My Passion:Wearable Arts Camp
We will make our own jewelry, T-shirts, bags & more. Techniques will include; sewing, batik, bead making with Fimo, Shrinky-dink art and tye-dye. Bring in that old piece of clothing & add trim, buttons or beads to give it a new life. We will visit the Yad L’Kashish Beadmaking studio watch fabric artists at work. Start collecting your fabric scraps & extra buttons today! Ages 7-12
Cost (NIS) 725 (early bird)
800 after June 3/200 per day

July 21-25
Art In-Service
We will work with partner organizations on various volunteer & beautification projects:paint a mural, plant flowers, paint signs, build benches out of mud, decorate them with mosaics & more. In the studio, kids can create their own decorations from recycled materials. Ages 7-12
Cost (NIS) 640 (early bird)
700 after June 3/180 per day

August 4-8
A combination of art & the outdoors makes this the perfect option for the Naturalist child. Start saving yogurt cups, bottle caps, buttons & old CD’s for re-use in our environmentally friendly art camp. Trips may include: Emek Hamatzlevah and theBotanical Gardens. We will explore color, pattern & sequence in nature, paint & sketch in the field, make prints from leaves & vegetables & more. Ages 6-12
Cost (NIS) 685 (early bird)
750 after June 3/180 per day

August 18-22
Glass Camp
See description above

The Open Studio, located in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem is a teaching art studio where kids and adults choose their own Art-Ventures. Several media are available such as; watercolor, acrylic paints, mosaics, glass painting, papercutting, sand painting, stained glasswork, stamping, collage, fabric arts and more. While summer day camps, workshops in English writing and Illustration and Open Studio time are our primary programs, we are also available for private events, birthday parties and more. Please call 054-626-8496 with your special requests or to be added to our mailing list.
The Open Studio, located in the Katamonneighborhood of Jerusalem is a teaching art studio where kids and adults choose their own Art-Ventures. Several media are available such as; watercolor, acrylic paints, mosaics, glass painting, papercutting, sand painting, stained glasswork, stamping, collage, fabric arts and more. While summer day camps, workshops in English writing and Illustration and Open Studio time are our primary programs, we are also available for private events, birthday parties and more. Please call 054-626-8496 with your special requests or to be added to our mailing list.
July 7-11
Architecture of Jerusalem
We will explore the architecture of Jerusalem in the new and old cities, the YMCA tower, The Supreme Court building, Katamon & Baka. We will visit an architect and create models from our own designs while learning about drafting, scale & symmetry. Ages 7-12
Cost (NIS) 700 (early bird)
750 after June 3/180 per day
July 14-18 (Excluding July 16)
Paper Arts
Papermaking, marbeling, papercutting, printmaking, sculpture, pop-up art & more…Our morning program will include trips to the Jerusalem Printmakers Workshop & the Yad L’Kashish paper mache studio. The afternoon program will focus on 3D arts such as sculpture, pop-up papercuts & paper mache. Ages 7-12
Cost (NIS) 560 (early bird)
600 after June 3/180 per day

Fashion is My Passion:Wearable Arts Camp
See full description above
Notes: There will be NO Camp on Tuesday July 16 (Tisha ba’av)
Theme for the week will be chosen based on the interest of registrants. When registering please indicate first choice
July 28 – August 1
Creative Creatures
A preview week geared towards the younger child to explore their inner creativity. Visiting the zoo, we will sketch the creatures around us and explore symmetry, texture & camouflage. Back at the studio we will create our own creatures out of paper mache, sock puppets, plastalina & more.Ages 5-10
Cost (NIS) 700 (early bird)
750 after June 3/180 per day

August 11-15
Exploring the Israel Museum
Two days of exploring the Israel Museum for inspiration will be interspersed with studio work in sculpture, papercutting, calligraphy, painting & more. We will visit the sculpture garden, illuminated manuscripts, Jewish Ritual & Lifecycle, Modern Art & much more. Ages 8-14
Cost (NIS) 700 (early bird)
750 after June 3/180 per day

“Avigayle’s “Monster camp” empowered my children to see themselves as artists, and they basked in the glory of their monster creations. With foresight and creativity, Avigayle fashioned a program that encompassed many forms of art and allowed for valuable self-expression. My six-year-old and four-year-old sons had a great time and grew immensely from the experience. It is apparent how much Avigayle enjoys the children and how skilled she is at understanding who each one is–his/her spirit, and what makes him/her sing inside. Send your child to Avigayle: you will be so glad that you did.” 
-Ruth Ebenstein, mother of three, Jerusalem

Register Today!

Phone:    054-626-8496
Siblings & Multiple Sessions 10% discount
Early Bird Discount expires June 3, 2013
No multiple discounts
All Prices are in NIS and include VAT

Early Drop-of (from 8:15) 80/per session)

Afternoon Program (2:15-4 pm) 200/per session)
Payment in full is required upon registration and can be made through PayPal or by check.
Refunds: up to 3 weeks before – 80% refund, 2 weeks before 50%, after which no refunds given.



some spots still available in the Open Studio’s

Jerusalem traveling Art Camp…
This week, sunday through Thursday

Sunday…Museum of Islamic Art
Monday…Yad Lekashish
Tuesday…Chagall Windows
Thursday…Tower of David, the Kaiser is coming

Followed by a workshop at the Open Studio on rahel imenu in katamon
Sunday…relief metal work, etching and stamping, mosaics
Monday…paper arts: papercutting, collage, marbeling and more
Tuesday…stained glass or glass painting workshop
Thursday…jewlery making, woodwork, decopage

Wednesday… full day at the Open Studio, choose your own art-ventures

ages 6-12, grownups welcome!

Cost: 200 nis full day/800 week
Tiyulim only 125/day
afternoon workshops only 100/day
Wednesday only 150 nis

Weekly registrants receive a sketch book and various art media to work with on tiyulim, snack and entrance fees included. Please pack a lunch, a smile, and your childs “rav kav”.

Limited space available! Advance reservation required.
Phone: call Avigayle Adler at 054.626.8496

Hanukkah Sameach!