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Our Katamon (HaPalmach 33) Schedule

3:30-4:30pm      3D Art & Open Studio, Ages 7-12
4:45-5:45pm      Fabric Arts & Jewelry, Ages 7-12
8:00-10:00pm    Adults Open Studio (Same as Above) with Avigayle Adler

10-12:00am     Adults Sewing Studio (Same as Above) with Rivka Ben Hamu
2:00-3:00pm    Open Studio, Ages 7-11
3:15-4:15pm    Sewing Studio, Ages 7-11
4:30-5:20pm    Little Masters, Ages 4-6

4:15-5:15pm      English with Baking & Art, Ages 4-6
5:15-6:16pm      English Reading (for Hebrew Speakers), ages 9-10
6:15-7:30pm      Open Studio Masters, Ages 9-14

11:00-1:00pm    Quilting and Needlecraft for Adults with Ruth Lenk of The Creative Adult

Chugim Descriptions
“All children are artists; the problem is remaining an artist as they grow up.” -Picasso

3D Art
If it’s not flat, we will make it in this chug. We will build, sculpt, melt, curl, bake, shrink, twist and attach; wires, paper mache, clay, FIMO, plastalina, cardboard, plastic, fabrics, plaster as we explore the concepts of shape, structure, texture, color, and line.

English through Art & Baking
Children will learn the English letters and their sounds through an alternating baking or art project each week. Children build an alphabet book throughout the year with their pictures, artwork, and recipes as they learn to recognize and put together simple words. Ages 4-6, English is spoken. Includes portfolio book.

Fabric Arts & Jewelry
We will explore the world of textiles, sewing, dry and wet felting, weaving, quilling, fabric collage, beading, FIMO, embroidery and more creating our own accessories jewelry, wallets & pillows.

Little Masters (ages 4-7)
Travel with us through time as we explore famous artists and their techniques in this creativity chug designed especially for little hands. Taught in Easy English with a focus on fine motor skills. Little Ones will be exposed to a variety of medium and explore & create in our nonjudgmental messy space. Easy English spoken and fine motor skill work will be emphasized.

Open Studio
Our most popular chug. Participants navigate their way through a shared creative space and are inspired to engage and create in different medium and materials including painting, drawing, mosaics, glass, recycled art materials, tools, wood, plastalina, polymer clay (FIMO), shrinky dinks, plaster & more. Individual and group work is encouraged. Older kids have a bit more time and free choice. Pre-teens and teens are empowered and encouraged to explore their individuality, creativity and confidence.

Sewing Studio
We will explore the world of textiles, sewing, felting, weaving, fabric collage, embroidery & crochet. We will make bags, dolls, pencil cases & recycle our old clothes to create these new treasures. Your child will improve his or her process work, fine motor skills, patience, decision making & design.

If the above chugim do not fill up, the one’s below may be offered. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these courses for your child(ren).

Creative Creatures Does your child love the natural world? We will study all kinds of plants and animals, draw, paint and sculpt them using paper, fabrics, paper mache and more.

Painting & Drawing We will explore the elements of art and drawing using the 5 elements of art as our guide and will work in pencil, charcoal, chalks, watercolors, and acrylics. We will learn and work in various techniques representing realistic forms such as landscapes, still-life and perspective.

Science of Art Experiment and explore where Science and art meet in this exciting chug. Kids will make slime, rainbow volcanoes, sidewalk chalk paints, homemade egg paint and more. We will learn about color mixing, crystals, solutions, mixtures, magnetism, absorption and apply these concepts in our artwork. Ages 4-7

Tinker Lab Your curious child can explore, build and create without limits in our Tinker Space using recycled materials, electronic components and more.

Adult Course Descriptions

Open Studio Adults
Create in our Adult-only space. Mosaics, Glass Painting, Papercutting and so much more as you choose your own art-ventures in our shared art space. Taught by Avigayle Adler. Price: 125nis per session or 2 for 200. 6 class card is 600nis. (100nis per session)

Sewing Studio
We will explore the world of textiles, sewing & following a pattern, basic alterations & repairs, felting, weaving, fabric collage, embroidery crochet and more. Create your own bags, dolls aprons and pillows.  Materials included. Taught by Rivka Ben-Hamu. Price: 125nis per session or 2 for 200. 6 class card is 550nis. (100nis per session)

Quilting & Creative Needlework
Create stunning – and useful – artwork from fabric. Starting at basic unit construction and continue on creating to a completely finished quilt! Learn sewing skills and make different quilt blocks every week. Traditional and updated quilting techniques by using rotary cutters, strip sewing and string piecing. 
Over the course of 10 weeks we will learn how to make nine colorful 25 cm blocks and how to put them together to create a fabulous wall hanging. Don’t want a whole quilt, you can easily turn your quilt square into a fun cushion or challah cover! Materials will be purchased directly from instructor. Taught by Ruth Lenk of The Creative Adult. Price: 150nis per session or 6 class pack 810nis (135nis per session)

We are always adding new workshops and making changes to better meet the needs of our clients. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please contact us with your ideas.

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