Anafim – ענפים (Ages 6-10)

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Fizz Pop Bang! – Science of Art
Week 1:     July 3-7 and
Week 5:     July 31-Aug 4

We will explore where Science meets art and use scientific principles in our creations. We’ll learn about absorption, mixes, solutions, magnetism, electricity and more. We will also make slime, homemade ice cream, an ice cream cake that refuses to melt and rock candy.

Paper Arts
Week 2:     July 10-14
Curl it, cut it, crunch it, color it, fold & sculpt with it… We will do it all this week using this fascinating medium.  We will explore the paper sculpture, collage, papercutting, printing, quilling, paper sewing, paper mache and more. We will even make jewelry out of paper!

Fabric Arts & Jewelry
Week 3:     July 17-21
Week 6:    August 8-11 (4 days)
Fabric collage, sewing, weaving, crochet, cross stitch, batik & tye-dye will be our main activities as we create fabric squares using various techniques. Each participant will finish the week with a sampler combining the various art forms created, a pillow and homemade jewelry. 

Architecture of Jerusalem
Week 4:     July 24-28
We will explore many different types of architecture as we dream up houses using recycled materials, learn about animal homes, participate in engineering and construction challenges, create miniature fairy homes and more.

Choose your own Art-Ventures
Week 7:     August 14-18th
During the last week of camp, we re-live our favorite projects from throughout the summer. Participants choose their own projects from several choices.


 Nitzanim (Ages 10-14)

In the Nitzanim track, participants will work side by side with mentor artisans in a specific field of art. This track will challenge, inspire and build self-confidence in your teens and give them expertise in that specific area. Groups sizes are small (up to 8 participants) for more personal attention and individualized work.
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These workshops will be taking place in the studios of our Mentor Artists in the artist colonies of Hutzot HaYotzer or the Jerusalem House of Quality. Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED (usually groups are only 6-8 participants). Once each group reached capacity, a waiting list will be opened.

Hours: 10am-1pm, prices are listed under individual sessions. While you register on this form, payment is made directly to the artist mentor. Once registered, you will receive an email with payment information. Your child’s space is guaranteed only once payment is complete.

w/Roochie Sinai @ Hutzot HaYotzer – We will create wonderful 2-dimensional, colorful, glass mosaic projects

Week 1: July 3-7 & Week 5: July 31-August 4

Design, Color, Calligraphy with
Sharon Binder @Hutzot Hayotzer
Week 2: July 10-14 & Week 5: July 31-August 4

sharonWe will explore the basic elements of Hebrew calligraphy and interactions with design and color theory, how good design, composition and basic color concepts can create expressive messages for pictures. We will use watercolors, gouache paints and acrylic paints to create illuminated letters, blessings and more. The workshop takes place in Sharon’s studio in Hutzot Hayotzer.

Stereoscopy (Photogרaphy in Double)
with Yaal Hermon @Hutzot Hayotzer
Week 2: July 10-14
Stereoscopy (photographing with two cameras, one for each eye) is the basics of VR and the recently popular 3Ds movies. We will visit photography basics and then dive into understanding the human 3D perception and how to emulate it using two cameras/phones. We will use our readily available equipment to create 3d pictures of both static and moving subjects to create stereographs. Jerusalem Hutzot Hayotzer Artists Colony.

Metallurgy & Jewelry Design with Michal Ben Ari @Jerusalem House of Quality
Week 3: July 17-21 & Aug 1-5 & Week 6: August 8-11 (short week)

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-15 at 10.43.30 AMWhatsApp Image 2019-05-21 at 10.35.00 PMMetalsmithing workshop: Learn to cut, file, polish, and shine metal in this challenging but satisfying workshop. We will create a key holder with saws, a cut and beaded mobile, animals from beads, and a metal ring. Campers will learn to cut, saw, smooth, imprint and decorate various shapes to incorporate into their designs. This course will be taught in Michal’s studio at the Jerusalem House of Quality on Derech Hevron.

סדנת צורפות
לומדים לנסר מתכת  לפצור וללטש ולהבריק.  נכין מתלה למפתחות בניסור מובייל ניסור וחרוזים נכין חיות מחרוזים וסיום נכין טבעת מכסף

Glass: Sculpture & Mosaics with Leonid Kritsun @Jerusalem House of Quality 
Week 4: July 24-28 & Week 7: August 14-18
WhatsApp Image 2021-06-08 at 9.25.47 AMSculpture with glass, colorful mosaics and stained glass are the techniques that Leonid will share in this workshop. Campers will design and create a flat glass mosaic and a build a 3d Glass sculpture or stained glass piece. They will learn to cut, shape and attach pieces of glass to create sculptures, boxes and more. This course will be taught in Leonid’s studio at the Jerusalem House of Quality on Derech Hevron in Hebrew.


לאוניד קריצון אמן שפועל בתחום אומנות הזכוכית יותר מ-30 שנים.
בסטודיו שלו במרכז לאמנות בירושלים בבית אות המוצר הוא מלמד ליצור עבודות ויטראז’, פסיפס, ציור על זכוכית, תמונות קיר ופסלים בתכניקות שונות.
בואו להתנסות בקייטנה מרתקת בנפלאות אומנות הזכוכית ולעשות עבודות מקוריות בהדרכתו של האומן


Sample Schedules 

Shtilim (Ages 3-6)
8:30-9:00              Early Drop-off 
9:00-9:40              Drop off – clean art free play (fuse beads, legos, art games, library, etc.)
9:40-10:00            Morning Meeting with stretch and song
10:00-10:30          Project 1 – Ex. Printmaking & Texture
10:30-11:00          Snack
11:00-11:30          Workshop 2 – Ex. Walking watercolor experiment
11:40-12:10          Workshops 3 – Ex. Papercutting
12:10-13:00          Lunch & Play time
13:00-13:30          Clean Up & Clean Arts free play
13:30                    Pick up
13:30-15:30          Tzaharon (optional afternoon program)

Anafim (Ages 6-11)
8:30-9:00              Early Drop-off
9:00-9:15              Drop off & Clean Art Projects (fuse beads, shrinky dinks, sketchbooks)
9:20-9:45              Art Meditation or Morning meeting
9:45-10:40            Workshop 1 – Ex. Tye Dye T-shirts
10:40-11:10          Snack
11:10-12:10          Workshop 2 – Ex. Needle felting
12:10-13:10          Workshop 3 – Ex. Sculpture
13:10-13:30          Lunch
13:30                    Pick Up
13:30-15:30          Tzaharon (optional afternoon program with free choice art or library time)

Art Mentors Sample Schedule – Nitzanim (Ages 11-15)
10:00 Meet at   Artist’s Studio
10:15-11:30   Workshop 1
11:30   Break for snack 
11:45-1   Workshop 2 

Frequently Asked Questions

What language is spoken at camp?
One of The Open Studio’s main goals is to help your child feel comfortable in an English speaking environment. To that end, English is our first language of instruction, however, all of our staff is bilingual and we do not hesitate to switch into Hebrew or offer instructions in Hebrew (along with the English). 

How much time are the children outdoors?
Children in Shtilim and Anafim will have approximately one hour of lunch and free play time in a local park or outdoor space each day. Additionally, during our snack break (10am) counselors run fun games for campers to opt into and have a chance to run around outside. While we do particularly messy art projects (such as Tye-Dye & Paper Mache) outside, the rest of the time, we are inside a cool, air-conditioned space.

Who are your staff?
Our Senior Staff (Mevugarim) members are all professionally trained Educators and Artists. For every group of 10 children, there will be one counselor and a Counselor-in-Training. Our staff are all bilingual (some even speak French and Russian in addition to Hebrew & English) and go through a rigorous pre-camp training program. Our Counselors (Madrichim) are teens, most of them attended The Open Studio’s summer camps themselves. Our Counselors-In-Training Interns (CITs) are former Open Studio campers that have been selected to act as a big brother or sister to campers and to be an extra set of hands for the staff. They work until 12:30 and are invited back to the studio in the afternoon to work on their own art pursuits. 

Can you take children with severe allergies?
If your child suffers from food or other allergies, we will do whatever is necessary to ensure they have a safe and normal week at camp. All our staff is trained in the use of Epi-pens and allergy procedures. Please call us with any individual questions or concerns.