Shtillim (Ages 4-6)
shtilim 1

The Shtillim track will focus on exploring the worlds around us and reaching beyond what we see every day. In small groups, using safe high-quality materials, children will discover their inner artists, develop their fine motor skills, English and social skills.


Session 2:        July 14-25            Monster Camp & Around the World
Only our imaginations are the limit as we are inspired by some of our favorite friendly monsters including Monsters Inc, Sesame Street, and Where the Wild things are. We will create our own monsters and make homes for them. During the second week, passports in hand, campers will travel around the world “visiting” a different country each day and creating art inspired by different cultures.

Session 3:        July 28-Aug 8      Underwater Worlds & Creative Creatures
We will learn about the animal world both on land and underwater in this two-week camp as we encounter sea and land creatures. We will identify the characteristics of different animals including the way they move, their habitats, diets and more. Children will learn how to carefully pet and take care of animals and finally dream up and create their own creatures. 

Session 4:        Aug 11-22            Space Camp & Fizz Pop Bang (Little Chemists)
In the first week of this session, we will discover space and the planets, life on the moon and dream up our own space station. During the second week, we will make space slime, potions, rock candy, crystals, invisible ink, lava lamps and mix together various materials to discover how they react to each other. 

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Anafim (Ages 6-10)


The Anafim track will be a journey that explores the living world around us. Children will encounter architecture, animals, nature and various professional art materials and be challenged to express their creativity. We will learn about conservation, repurposing and use environmentally friendly materials. Bilingual program with weekly trips.


Session 1:        July 1-11              Glass, Paper & Fabric Arts (9 days)
Explore our three favorite art mediums in this everything-but-the-kitchen-sink camp. We will teach and create with Glass Painting, Paper Making, Sewing, Felting, Quilling & Paper sculpture.

Session 2:        July 14-25            Architecture & Design
Explore Jerusalem through the eyes of an Architect as we visit the YMCA, Supreme Court, Jerusalem Model at Kikar Safra & Teddy Park. We will learn how to represent buildings in miniature, work with scale and create an architectural model of our ideal community. During the second half of camp, we will design our own dream rooms and create sustainable and full-size furniture from cardboard.

Session 3:        July 28-Aug 8      Underwater Worlds & Creative Creatures
We will learn about the animal world both on land and underwater in this two-week camp We will identify and create different habitats, and be inspired by texture shape, color and the movement of these animals. We’ll explore the four distinct seas of Israel and create a collage map. An emphasis will be placed on exploring environmental issues, and repurposing and other non-recyclable materials to create our own creatures. Trips: the Aquarium & The Biblical Zoo

Session 4:        Aug 12-22            Space Camp & Mosaics (9 days)
In the first week of this session, we will discover space and the planets, life on the moon and dream up our own space station. During the second week, we will make mosaics using tiles, paper, seashells, sand & more. If you have an old chair, small table or stool save if for this week of camp and we can mosaic it! Trip: a walking tour of old and new Mosaics around Jerusalem.

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Nitzanim (Ages 10-14)


In the Nitzanim track, participants will work side by side with mentor artisans in a specific field of art. This track will challenge, inspire and build self-confidence in your teens and give them expertise in that specific area. Groups sizes are small (up to 8 participants) for more personal attention and individualized work.


July 7-11                Glass Sculpture & Mosaicswith Leonid Kritsun @Jerusalem House of Quality Working with glass, Mosaics, sculpture and painting. Campers will design a flat glass mosaic and a 3d Glass sculpture or Mosaic.

July 14-18              Photography with Yaal Hermon @Hutzot Hayotzer
A digital photography course with professional Jerusalem photographer Yaal Hermon focusing on composition, light, exposure, and digital editing. Including a photo scavenger hunt around the neighborhood and workshop in telling a story with a picture. Campers must bring their own digital cameras (with a manual setting).

July 21-25              Metalurgy (Jewelry)* with Michal Ben Ari @Jerusalem House of Quality Campers will design & create a ring or dog tag from brass, a pair of earrings from silver and several beading projects.

July 21-Aug 1   Carpentry (10 days) with Etzlanu
Designing projects in wood and making them: Stools, benches, shelves, tables, etc.

July 28-Aug 1       Painting & Drawing* with Sharon Binder @Hutzot Hayotzer
Watercolors & Goache painting, landscapes, sketching and Calligraphy. We will explore light and shadow, color, tone, shape and flow in our artwork.

Aug 4-8                 Fabric Arts & Sewing with Rivka Ben Hamu
Creating a skirt or top with a pattern, sewing dolls, needle felting, weaving, alterations and more.

Aug 12-15             Camp Eco-DIY (4 days) with Shoshana Havaya
Create your own natural first aid kit, eco-friendly beauty and personal care products, explore color and create in our nature-inspired art workshop. 

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Sample Schedules 

Underwater Worlds Sample Schedule – Shtilim (Ages 4-6)
8:30-9:00              Early Drop-off
9:00-9:40              Drop off – clean art free play (fuse beads, legos, art games, library, etc.)
9:40-10:00            Morning Meeting with stretch and song
10:00-10:40          Workshop 1 – Salt vs. Sweet water
10:40-11:10          Snack
11:10-11:50          Workshop 2 – Giant Chalk fish
11:50-12:40          Workshops 3 – What floats?
12:40-13:30          Lunch & Playground
13:30-14:00          Workshop 3 – Boat racing contest
14:00                     Pick up
14:00-16:00          Tzaharon (optional afternoon program)

Architecture Camp Sample Schedule – Anafim (Ages 6-11)
8:30-9:00              Early Drop-off
9:00-9:15              Drop off & Clean Art Projects (fuse beads, shrinky dinks, sketchbooks)
9:20-9:45              Art Meditation or Morning meeting: Shapes in buildings
9:45-10:40            Workshop 1 – A Scale model of me
10:40-11:10          Snack
11:10-12:10          Workshop 2 – Cardboard furniture
12:10-13:10          Workshop 3 – Model building
13:10-14:00          Lunch & Park or Cooperative Art Project
14:00                     Pick up
14:00-16:00          Tzaharon (optional afternoon program)

Art Mentors Sample Schedule – Nitzanim (Ages 11-14)
9:30                       Meet at Artist’s Studio
9:30-11:30            Workshop with Mentor artist
11:30-12:00          Snack, Break
12:30-13:30          Workshop with Mentor artist
13:30                      Pick up