Shtilim – שתילים (Ages 4-6) 
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The Shtilim track will focus on exploring & discovering your child’s creative talents using all 5 senses, and strengthening their fine and gross motor skills. We use high quality, safe materials that allow children to create and have fun!

Earlier weeks available upon special request:
Week 6:          Aug 9-13         Painting, Paper & Printing
Children will make paper and papercuts, create their own stamps, make prints and explore lots of fun painting techniques using watercolors and acrylics on rocks, canvas, plaster and whatever else we find.

Week 7:          Aug 16-20       Creative Creatures
We will learn about the animal world, on land, in the air and in the sea. We will explore the concepts of habitat, texture, color in camouflage as they relate to animals and dream up imaginary creatures of our own, creating them using various materials.

Week 8:          Aug 23-28       Homemade Arts
We will make our own art supplies for use in camp and to take home in our as zero-waste-as-possible creative camp. Playdough, Sidewalk chalk, Slime, Homemade watercolors and more. Kids will love to get messy in this hands-on week.

Anafim – ענפים (Ages 6-10)

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Anafim campers will have the opportunity to choose their track each week.  

Creative Creatures –
We will learn about the animal world, through the concepts of habitat, texture, color & camouflage as they relate to animals and dream up imaginary creatures of our own, creating them using various materials.

DIY (Do it yourself) – Make your own beauty products, crafts and more as we find creative ways to solve everyday problems and reuse materials in this “as minimal-waste-camp as possible”.

Elements of Art – Discover the 7 elements of Art & Design (line, shape, texture, color, value, form, & space) through several 2 and 3D projects.

Fabric Arts – Sewing, felting, tye-dye, collage & more will give us a window into the fascinating world of fabric arts. Campers will also have the opportunity to create their own jewelry using Fimo, Shrinky dinks, Paper Mache and more.

Glass & Mosaics – We will create magic during these sessions as we take the broken and make it whole again. We will make mosaics using tiles, glass, paper, beads and various other materials. If you have an old chair, small table or stool bring it to camp this week and we can mosaic it!

Painting – Through working with acrylics and watercolors we will explore various techniques, work in the styles of famous painters and more while painting 2 and 3D surfaces.

Paper Arts – Paper is such a versatile material. We will explore the world of paper through making it, sculpting, folding, cutting and more.

Passport Jerusalem: Around The World – We will visit a different country each day and explore its art and culture. 

Toys & Games – This week will be all about creation and playing. There will be a lot of experimentation, tinkering and discovery as well as an emphasis on zero waste and recycling as we remake our favorite games and make up new ones.  

Nitzanim (Ages 10-14)

In the Nitzanim track, participants will work side by side with mentor artisans in a specific field of art. This track will challenge, inspire and build self-confidence in your teens and give them expertise in that specific area. Groups sizes are small (up to 8 participants) for more personal attention and individualized work.
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Basics of Digital Photography w/Judah S. Harris
Aug 16-20,
Digital photography and the “automatic settings” have made picture taking easier than ever, but the best results come from understanding how the camera functions, and artistic considerations – such as composition, the use of light, and capturing real life subjects – that are essential ingredients for good photography. We will learn about proper terminology and settings, various techniques for shooting several different subjects, light and on-flash camera, and choosing your best photos. Includes trips on the Old City walls, and in Central Jerusalem or the Biblical Zoo as well as a night photo walk. Camera with manual controls required. DSLR preferred. Instructor can advise on purchase options.

Calligraphy, Design & Color with Sharon Binder @Hutzot Hayotzer
July 11-15 1150nis
We will explore the basic elements of Hebrew calligraphy and interactions with design and color theory, how good design, composition and basic color concepts can create expressive messages for pictures. We will use watercolors, gouache paints and acrylic paints to create illuminated letters, blessings and more. The workshop takes place in Sharon’s studio in Hutzot Hayotzer.

Carpentry (10 days) with Etzlanu
August 2-13 (10 days)
Learn how to use various tools to create with wood. The first week will concentrate on the skills to use tools and during the second week, campers will each design and create their own project such as a stool, shelves, a bench, table or whatever else they dream up. 

Fabric Arts & Sewing with Rivka Ben Hamu
Aug 9-13 & 23-28,
Learn how to design and sew your own clothes, use a pattern, create dolls, up-cycle a pair of jeans to make an apron and an old sweater to make a backpack. Campers will also be given the options to explore needle felting, crochet, weaving and making basic alterations. Campers will learn how to sew by hand and on the machine.  

Film making with Judah S. Harris
July 19-23
Learn how to create a film; finding the idea, writing a script, using a camera, acting, directing, interviewing, recording audio, lighting techniques, basic intro to editing, using stock clips and music. We will create a short film related to Jerusalem. Each student will also create a short film about their personal life, One lesson component will be on stop-motion animation, a creative movie-making genre that students can work on using model toys, objects, letters, or clay. Camera with manual controls required for course. 

Glass Sculpture & Mosaicswith Leonid Kritsun @Jerusalem House of Quality 
July 26-29 (4 days) 1040nis, Aug 16-20 (5 days) 1300nis
Working with glass, Mosaics, sculpture and painting. Campers will design a flat glass mosaic and a 3d Glass sculpture or stained glass piece. This course will be taught in Leonid’s studio on Derech Hevron in Hebrew.

Homemade Photography with Yaal Hermon @Hutzot Hayotzer
July 19-22 (4 days)
Campers will explore the world and wonder behind photography. They will make their own pinhole cameras, prepare and develop their own film and make prints. There will be a one-day photo scavenger hunt around Ya’al’s studio at Hutzot Hayotzer. English & Hebrew.

Metallurgy & Jewelry Design with Michal Ben Ari @Jerusalem House of Quality
July 4-8,
Campers will design & create a ring, pendant or key chain from brass, a pair of earrings from silver and several beading projects with Michal in her studio. They will learn to cut, saw, smooth and decorate various shapes to incorporate into their designs. This course will be taught in Michal’s studio on Derech Hevron in Hebrew.

Street Photography w/Judah S. Harris
August 1-5,
The industrial/residential area of Talpiyot offers photographers much to explore. A combination of in-class sessions and photo walks around the Talpiyot district will teach students how to grasp fleeting moments and isolate the visual stories from often cluttered surroundings. We will focus on architecture and the urban landscape, picture review & editing skills. Each camper will create a personal photo essay, Private critique session of student photo essay will take place during class hours. Camera with manual controls preferred, but good smartphone camera may also be used.

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Sample Schedules 

Shtilim (Ages 3-6)
8:30-9:00              Early Drop-off 
9:00-9:40              Drop off – clean art free play (fuse beads, legos, art games, library, etc.)
9:40-10:00            Morning Meeting with stretch and song
10:00-10:30          Project 1 – Ex. Printmaking & Texture
10:30-11:00          Snack
11:00-11:30          Workshop 2 – Ex. Walking watercolor experiment
11:40-12:10          Workshops 3 – Ex. Papercutting
12:10-13:00          Lunch & Play time
13:00-13:30          Clean Up & Clean Arts free play
13:30                    Pick up
13:30-15:30          Tzaharon (optional afternoon program)

Anafim (Ages 6-11)
8:30-9:00              Early Drop-off
9:00-9:15              Drop off & Clean Art Projects (fuse beads, shrinky dinks, sketchbooks)
9:20-9:45              Art Meditation or Morning meeting
9:45-10:40            Workshop 1 – Ex. Tye Dye T-shirts
10:40-11:10          Snack
11:10-12:10          Workshop 2 – Ex. Needle felting
12:10-13:10          Workshop 3 – Ex. Sculpture
13:10-13:30          Lunch
13:30                    Pick Up
13:30-15:30          Tzaharon (optional afternoon program with free choice art or library time)

Art Mentors Sample Schedule – Nitzanim (Ages 11-15)
10:00 Meet at   Artist’s Studio
10:15-11:30   Workshop 1
11:30   Break for snack 
11:45-1   Workshop 2 

Frequently Asked Questions

What language is spoken at camp?
One of The Open Studio’s main goals is to help your child feel comfortable in an English speaking environment. To that end, English is our first language of instruction, however, all of our staff is bilingual and we do not hesitate to switch into Hebrew or offer instructions in Hebrew (along with the English). 

How much time are the children outdoors?
Children in Shtilim and Anafim will have approximately one hour of lunch and free play time in a local park or outdoor space each day. Additionally, during our snack break (10am) counselors run fun games for campers to opt into and have a chance to run around outside. While we do particularly messy art projects (such as Tye-Dye & Paper Mache) outside, the rest of the time, we are inside a cool, air-conditioned space.

Who are your staff?
Our Senior Staff (Mevugarim) members are all professionally trained Educators and Artists. For every group of 10 children, there will be one counselor and a Counselor-in-Training. Our staff are all bilingual (some even speak French and Russian in addition to Hebrew & English) and go through a rigorous pre-camp training program. Our Counselors (Madrichim) are teens, most of them attended The Open Studio’s summer camps themselves. Our Counselors-In-Training Interns (CITs) are former Open Studio campers that have been selected to act as a big brother or sister to campers and to be an extra set of hands for the staff. They work until 12:30 and are invited back to the studio in the afternoon to work on their own art pursuits. 

Can you take children with severe allergies?
If your child suffers from food or other allergies, we will do whatever is necessary to ensure they have a safe and normal week at camp. All our staff is trained in the use of Epi-pens and allergy procedures. Please call us with any individual questions or concerns.