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Summer Camps 2018 – Explorations

Anafim – ענפים (Ages 6-10)

The Anafim track will be a journey that explores the world around us. Children will encounter history, culture, nature, and craft utilizing professional materials and use them to express their creativity. Bilingual program with weekly trips.
Week 1:        July 1-5              Underwater Worlds
Weeks 2-3:   July 8-19            Archaeology
Week 4:        July 23-26          Art with the Masters
Week 5:        July 29-Aug 2   Glass & Mosaics
Week 6:       Aug 5-9               Underwater Worlds
Week 7:       Aug 12-16           Fiber Arts
Week 8:       Aug 19-23          Art with the Masters

Nitzanim – ניצנים (Ages 11-14)

In the Nitzanim track, participants will work side by side with mentor artisans in a specific field of art. This track will challenge, inspire and build self-confidence in your teens and give them expertise in that specific area.
Week 2:        July 8-12           Artists as Mentors: Photo or Paper Arts
Week 3:        July 15-19         Artists as Mentors: Glass Mosaics or Jewelry/Metallurgy
Weeks 4-5:   July 22-Aug 2   Carpentry
Week 5:        July 29-Aug 2   Painting & Drawing
Week 6:        Aug 5-9               Fiber Arts

Shtilim – שתילים (Ages 4-6)

The Shtillim track will focus on exploring and discovering our neighborhoods. In small groups, using high-quality materials, children will discover their inner artists, develop their fine motor skills, English, and social skills.
Week 5:   29.7-2.8   Underwater Worlds
Week 6:   5-9.8        Tinker Lab
Week 7:   12-16.8    Creating the ABC’s
Week 8:   19-23.8    Monster Camp

Camp hours
8:30-9:00 Early Drop off (Additional 80 nis per week)
9:00-14:00 Camp day
14:00-16:00 Afternoon program – additional 150 nis /week 

קייטנת מגלים אמנויות

ענפים – גילאים 6-10

 מסלול ענפים הינו מסע החוקר את העולם. במסלול זה יתנסו הילדים בהיסטוריה
קדומה, תרבו שונות, מדע וטבע באמצעות יצירות וחומרים מגוונים. יחד ניצור, נחלום ונחקור במגוון דרכים עולמות חדשים. המסלול דו-לשוני עם סיור שבועי

1-5.7  עולמות מתחת למים
8-19.7            ארכיאולוגיה
23-26.7 בעקבות האמנים מהגדולים
29.7-2.8    פסיפס וזכוכית
5-9.8   עולמות מתחת למים
12-16.8     אמנויות הטקסטיל
19-23.8 בעקבות האמנים מהגדולים

 ניצנים – גילאים 11-14

מסלול ניצנים הינו מסע לחקר עצמנו. המשתתפים ילוו אומנ/ית בסטודיו שלו/ה ויתרגלו את היכולות שלהם בתחום האומנותי בו הם מעוניינים להתפתח ולצבור ביטחון ומיומנות.  הסדנאות יתקיימו בסטודיו של האמנים עצמם בחוצות היוצר  או באות בית המווצר בדרך חברון

8-12.7  צילום או אמנות בנייר
צורפות או פסיפסים עם זכוכית  15-19.7
23.7-2.8            נגרות
29.7-2.8   ציור ורישום
5-9.8  אומנות בטקסטיל

שתילים – גילאים 6-10

 מסלול שתילים הינו מסע בשכונה שמסביבנו. בקבוצות אינטימיות יתנסו הילדים ביצירות אמנות שונות וייחודיות, יעבדו עם חומרים איכותיים ויפתחו יכולות מוטוריקה, אנגלית וכישורים חברתיים

 29.7-2.8  עולמות תחת המים
 5-9.8    ניסיונות וניסויים
 12-16.8       יוצרים אנגלית
 19-23.8              המפלצות

שעות הקייטנה הגעה מוקדמת בתשלום נוסף של 80 ₪ לשבוע
מסלול הקייטנה 9:00-14:00
צהרון תוספת של 150  ש”ח לשבוע
גודל הקבוצה: לכל קבוצה בת 10 ילדים שח מדריכ/ה 


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Children’s Chugim 2015-2016

At The Open Studio, children navigate through a hub of inspiration, color and ideas. Interacting with professional artists, they learn to use materials in new ways, solve problems, make decisions and bring out their inner artist. The expression of what they learn is the art they create. All prices include materials. Check out our full Chugim Schedule

We are located at 2 Ben Tabai in the San Simone neighborhood of Jerusalem (4th floor)​. Please call us today to set up a free trial session. 077-60-40-523


san simone park

Watercolors –  with Aloma Halter
Learn how to observe the world around you, paint using various watercolor techniques, capture a scene in nature or build a still life, plan composition & create interesting effects using various types of watercolour paints. We will paint outdoor when possible. Taught by Watercolor artist Aloma Halter.
15 OR 30 Sundays 16:15-17:30, Ages 8-12, Cost: trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 280 nis


Collage – with Aloma Halter
Follow in the steps of Pablo Picasso and uncover the fine art of collage. We will use paper, fabric, plastic, wood, metal, personal photos & even your junk mail in our mixed-media creations. What is mixed media collage?
15 OR 30 Sundays 17:45-19:00, Ages 6-12, Cost: trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 280 nis


Jewelry Making – with Hannah Seton

Create your own jewelry from beads, wire, fabric and string. We will use both classic and more unusual jewelry making techniques, such as knotting, bead weaving, beaded embroidery, crochet and wire work. We will also be making our own beads and focal pieces. Adults and children welcome! 15 or 30 Sundays 16:15-17:30, Ages 8 and up, Cost: Trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 250 nis, 30 Sundays 17:45-19:00, Ages 8 and up.


Sewing Studio & Textile Arts – Hannah Seaton

We will explore the world of sewing, fabric arts, design and learn how to make our own clothing, accessories, textile collages & more. Taught by textil artist Hannah Seton.
15 or 30 Sundays 17:45-19:00, Ages 8 and up, Cost: Trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 250 nis



Baking & Art (in English)

Children create & eat their way through the English alphabet. We will introduce each letter & build our own personal ABC books which will become filled with our photographs, artwork and recipes. Children will learn how to form letters, identify sounds and sort by word families and blends. Course will be taught in English by Open Studio Director, Avigayle Adler.
30 Mondays 16:30-17:30, Ages 4-6, Cost: Trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 310 nis


Open Studio -Avigyle Adler

Children learn about themselves by choosing their own art focus & projects. Various materials & techniques are introduced, children are encouraged to add to their creative repertoire, experiment in different media & make decisions about their work. Taught by Open Studio founder, Avigayle Adler. 30 Sundays: Mondays 17:45-19:00, Ages 8-15; Tuesdays 14:45-16:00, Ages 6-10; Tuesdays 17:45-19:00, Ages 8-13; Juniors (ages 4-6) Wednesdays 14:45-15:45; Juniors (ages 4-6) Wednesdays 16:15-17:15 Cost: trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 350 nis


Drawing – with Boaz Krispin

Draw the world around you with confidence. Illustrator Boaz Krispin will share his secrets of creating detailed still lives, portraits, figures & landscapes, teach the concepts and application of: light & shadow, perspective, proportion, movement & depth through work with pencils, markers, pens, charcoal, oil pastels and artists’ chalk. 15 or 30 Mondays, 16:15–17:30, ages 7–12, Advanced: Mondays, 5:45–7:00, ages 9–14, Cost: Trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 350 nis


Film – Yaron Shane
Produce, Film and Edit your own movies from start to finish using professional equipment. Filmmaker Yaron Shane will be your guide in learning to use digital editing software, add special effects and more. Learn the different aspects of creating music videos, drama, comedy, news & more. 15 or 30 Mondays, 16:30–17:30, ages 7–10; 17:45–18:45, ages 9–13, Cost: Trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 380 nis



Comics – with Shlomi Charka

Comics develop focused thinking, concepts of consequences, sequence, communication and more. Join professional Cartoonist Shlomi Charka as he guides us in creating our own Comic drawings, heroes and stories: composition, structure, facial expressions, writing, character design, and action as we bring our own stories to life. 15 or 30 Tuesdays, 16:30–17:30, ages 9-13, 17:45–18:45, ages 7-10, Cost: trial class is free, 9 monthly payments of 350 nis

קומיקס – שלומי צ’רקה

הקומיקס מפתח חשיבה ממוקדת – יצירת הציור האחד ששווה אלף מילים, ומעביר מסרים; נלמד קומפוזיציה ומבנה, הבעות פנים, כתיבה, עיצוב דמויות ואיפיון מקומות.
יום ג’, 16:30-17:30 גילאי 9-13, 17:45-18:45 גילאי 7-10
שיעור נסיון חינם, 9 תשלומים חודשי של 350 ש”ח


Science of Art – with Avigayle Adler

Explore the science behind art…In this process-oriented, inquiry-based workshop children will be challenged to explore various concepts such as mixtures, absorption, magnetism, gravity, temperature and make our own sidewalk chalk, watercolor paints, slime, glitter glue and more. We will combine Science, Techonology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics in Israel’s first (STEAM) inspired program. Taught by Open Studio founder, Avigayle Adler
Tuesdays 16:30-17:30, Ages 5-9, Cost: Free trial session, 9 monthy payments of 310 nis. For more information or to register call 077-60-40-523 or email

Open Studio – Avigayle Adler; see above



Open Studio Juniors – with Avigayle Adler

Children (ages 4-6) explore the world of art through hands-on learning about color, texture, shape, line and composition in an English speaking environment. We work in various art media and combine materials in new ways which develop fine motor skills. Children build confidence hone their decision making abilities. There are only two rules here besides Safety: Children cannot ask if their work is “Good” or if they are done.

Wednesdays 15:00-16:00 & 16:30-17:30, Ages 4-6, Cost: Trial Session Free, 9 monthly payments of 310 nis


Mosaics – with Avigayle Adler

We will explore various mosaic techniques including working with Millefiori (small glass beads in floral patterns), found objects, and “Trencadis” (mosaics made from broken tiles) on 2 and 3D surfaces. We will draw our inspiration from objects in nature. Children will conceive and create their own Mosaic masterpieces. Wednesdays 17:45-19:00, Ages 8-14, Cost: Trial Session Free, 9 monthly payments of 370 nis (includes materials).


Puppetry – with Rama Shifron

A great mix of drama and art; Design your own puppets and bring them to life through play & fun with professional puppeteer Rama Shifron. We will learn about several types of puppets including; sponge, shadow, folded paper, fabric papier mâché and string. Children will create their own puppet characters from head to toe and learn how to act them out in plays that they will write. Wednesdays, 16:15–17:30, ages 8–10; Wednesdays, 17:45–18:00, ages 10–15, 6 week courses (call for more information)

 For More information or to Register call 077-60-40-523 or email

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