Summer Camps 2019

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Summer Camps @The Open Studio 2019

New-Pre-Camp Session for Visitors: Passport Jerusalem
Join us as we travel “around the world” and visit several different communities and explore the art and food that makes up the cultural mosaic of Jerusalem. Includes trips to the Museum of Italian Jewish Art, Museum of North African Jewish Art, Museum of Islamic Art, an Armenia artist and the shuk. Small group, up to 15 participants only.
June 23-27, 2019, Ages 4-9 Cost 950nis (does not include Tzaharon or early drop off)

Anafim – ענפים (Ages 6-10)

Session 1:        July 1-11              Glass, Paper & Fabric Arts (9 days)
Session 2:        July 14-25            Architecture & Design
Session 3:        July 28-Aug 8      Underwater Worlds & Creative Creatures
Session 4:        Aug 11-22            Space Camp & Mosaics

Shtilim – שתילים (Ages 4-6)

The Shtilim track will focus on exploring and discovering your child’s creative talents using all five senses and strengthening fine and gross motor skills through exciting art creations and group activities. The groups are small and well supervised. We use high-quality, safe materials that allow the children to discover their inner artists, work together and have fun!
Session 2:        July 14-25            Monster Camp & Around the World
Session 3:        July 28-Aug 8      Underwater Worlds & Creative Creatures
Session 4:        Aug 11-22            Space Camp & Fizz Pop Bang (Little Chemists)

Nitzanim – ניצנים (Ages 10-14) Artists as Mentors

In the Nitzanim track, participants will work side by side with mentor artisans in a specific field of art. This track will challenge, inspire and build self-confidence in your teens and give them expertise in that specific area.

July 7-11: Glass Sculpture & Mosaics* with Leonid Kritsun @Jerusalem House of Quality 1300 nis
July 14-18: 
Photography with Yaal Hermon @Hutzot Hayotzer 
July 21-25: Metallurgy (Jewelry)* with
Michal Ben Ari @Jerusalem House of Quality 1300 nis
July 21-Aug 1: Carpentry (10 days) with Etzlanu  2060nis
July 28-Aug 1: Painting & Drawing* with Sharon Binder @Hutzot Hayotzer 1100nis
Aug 4-8: Fabric Arts & Sewing
with Rivka Ben Hamu 1100nis
Aug 12-15: Camp DIY (4 days)
with Shoshana Havaya 1100nis

Pricing is per child, per session (for Shtilim & Anafim only – for Nitzanim prices see individual sessions above). All prices are in NIS.
1 week:    890
Session 1: July 1-11 : 1400 (9 days)
Session 2: July 14-25 : 1580 (2 weeks)
Session 3: July 28-Aug 8 : 1580 (2 weeks)
Session 4: Aug 11-22 : 1400 (9 days) *No camp 9th Av        

2 Sessions:
2920 (730/week)
3 Sessions: 4200 (700/week)
Siblings – Additional 100 off per session for each child after the first one
Early Bird Discount – 100 off TOTALpayment per family if registered by June 16th

Camp hours
9:00-14:00 Camp day
8:30-9:00 Early Drop off (Additional 80/week)
14:00-16:00 Afternoon program – additional 150/week


Location: 22 Shai Agnon Street, Jerusalem. We will be located in the beautiful building of Kehillat Mivakshei Derech in the San Simone neighborhood of Jerusalem. (Busses: 15 & 22)

Language: one of The Open Studio’s main goals is to help your child feel comfortable in an English speaking environment. To that end, English is our first language of instruction, however, all of our staff is bilingual and we do not hesitate to switch into Hebrew or offer instructions in Hebrew (along with the English).

Food: This year we will be adding a healthy cooking component to our program. Different groups will assist Sarit Cohen in preparing a healthy vegetarian snack or dessert each day. Children bring their own lunches. Everything served is Kosher.

Inside vs. Outside Time: Children in Shtilim and Anafim will have approximately one hour of lunch and free play time in a local park or outdoor space each day. Additionally, during our snack break (10am) counselors run fun games for campers to opt into and have a chance to run around outside. While we do particularly messy art projects (such as Tye-Dye & Paper Mache) outside, the rest of the time, we are inside a cool, air-conditioned space.

Trips: Each week, Anafim have a trip within Jerusalem that fits with that week’s theme. Some of our trips may include the Tisch Biblical Zoo, The Gottesman Aquarium, The Nature Museum, Bloomfield Science Museum, the YMCA, the Supreme Court of Israel and more.

Staff: Our Senior Staff members are all professionally trained Educators and Artists. For every group of ten children, there is at least one counselor (quite often more than one) and a Counselor-in-Training. Our staff are all bilingual and go through a rigorous pre-camp training program. We always have a MADA certified First Aid Responder on Campus.

Allergies: If your child suffers from food or other allergies, we will do whatever is necessary to ensure they have a safe and normal week at camp. All our staff is trained in the use of Epi-pens and allergy procedures. Please call Avigayle, camp director at 054-626-8496 with any individual questions or concerns.


Underwater Worlds Sample Schedule – Shtilim (Ages 4-6)
8:30-9:00              Early Drop-off
9:00-9:40              Drop off – clean art free play (fuse beads, legos, art games, library, etc.)
9:40-10:00            Morning Meeting with stretch and song
10:00-10:40          Workshop 1 – Salt vs. Sweet water
10:40-11:10          Snack
11:10-11:50          Workshop 2 – Giant Chalk fish
11:50-12:40          Workshops 3 – What floats? What sinks?
12:40-13:30          Lunch & Playground
13:30-14:00          Workshop 3 – Boat racing contest
14:00                     Pick up
14:00-16:00          Tzaharon (optional afternoon program)

Architecture & Design Camp Sample Schedule – Anafim (Ages 6-10)
8:30-9:00              Early Drop-off
9:00-9:15              Drop off
9:20-9:40              Art Meditations, Morning meeting
9:40-10:40            Workshop 1 – Creating yourself to scale
10:40-11:10          Snack
11:10-12:10          Workshop 2 – Cardboard Furniture that you can actually use
12:10-13:00          Lunch & Playground
13:00-14:00          Workshop 3 – City Model making
14:00                     Pick up
14:00-16:00          Tzaharon (optional afternoon program) – Crafts, DIY, Glass Painting, Plastalina, Baking, etc.

Art Mentors Sample Schedule – Nitzanim (Ages 11-14)
9:00                       Meet at Artist’s Studio
9:00-11:00            Workshop with Mentor artist, Part 1
11:00-11:30          Snack, Break
11:30-13:30          Workshop with Mentor artist, Part 2
13:30                     Pick up or Campers go home on their own
14:00-16:00          Optional Open Studio Tzaharon: Glass Paints, Mosaics, FIMO, Quilling, Felting, etc.

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