Summer 2017


Expose your children to limitless possibilities, inspiration, and motivation, allowing them to imagine and to create their own worlds. For six years, The Open Studio has offered arts camps where children are inspired to learn and create in Jerusalem. Come join us where art is for everyone!

Our goal is to inspire your child to innovate and create and to believe in his or her ability to do so. Campers spend 1-2 weeks engaged in a few long term projects, become experts in a specific art medium or topic, learn to plan, solve problems, make critical decisions, work as a team, and create beautiful things that they will treasure for years to come.

For descriptions of this summer’s sessions and pricing, please see here.

The camp day runs from 8:30-14:00. Please see Logistics for more details.

 Dates Ages 4-11 Specialty Camps
(Ages 10-15)
Session 1:
July 2-13 – (2 wks)
Paper, Fabrics, and Glass
(Ages 6-11)
1640 nis
Session 2:
July 16-27th – (2 wks)
Architecture and Design
(Ages 6-11)
1640 nis
Manual Photography
(July 16-20 – 1 week only) *Note: change of Location to Hapalmach 33/4
Best of the Open Studio
(July 23-27 – 1 week only)
880 nis each
Session 3:
July 30-Aug 10 – (2 wks)
Space and Science
(Ages 5-10)
1470 nis
1620 nis
Session 4:
August 13-17 – (1 wk)
Creative Creatures
(Ages 4-10)
820 nis
Best of the Open Studio
820 nis
Session 5:
August 20-24 – (1 wk)
Mosaics and Tinker Lab
(Ages 4-11)
820 nis

NEW LOCATION! – This summer, we will be sharing the Beit HaNoar sports complex with Camp Liga located at Ha-Rav Herzog St. 105 in Jerusalem. Open Studio campers will enjoy one hour of Camp Liga programming (either swimming, sports, or cooking) daily. Sessions 4 and 5 will take place at the Adam school on Emek Refaim.



Paper, Fabrics & Glass: Ages 6-11 Paper paper3.jpgmache sculptures, papercutting, quilling, batik, weaving, silk painting, and mosaics are just some of the projects your child can choose from. We will visit the Museum of Italian Jewish art for inspiration and do a printmaking workshop there. 1640 nis

wood 2

SESSION 2: JULY 16-27 (2 WEEKS)architecture.jpg

Architecture & Design: Ages 6-11 What makes for a good city? Campers will explore this and more as they design their own neighborhood. We will visit the Supreme Court and the scale model of Jerusalem in Kikar Safra to gain inspiration, and we’ll get to build our own models. We will also explore the concepts of interior design. 1640 nis
NEW! Mini Session: Interior Design ONLY, July 23-27 880 nis

architecture (2)Manual Photography (one week): Ages 10-15 Join professional photographer Ya’al Herman in this week long course. Campers will build two cameras (a pinhole and one that uses lenses), compose, shoot, and develop their own photos, tour Ya’al’s studio in Hutzot Hayotzer, and do a photo shoot overlooking Park Teddy and the Old City. Note: this camp is ONE week (July 16-20). 880 nis Note: Change of Location to Hapalmach 33, Katamon

Best of the Open Studio (one week): Ages 10-15
Build your skills in many different specialty art forms, from mosaics to glass, jewelry-making to canvas painting, and more! Note: this camp is ONE week (July 23-27). 880 nis


space science2 (1).jpgspace.jpgSpace & Science: Ages 5-10 How are space and science connected to art? Come find out in this STEAM inspired camp where we will conduct experiments related to light, gravity, and engineering. We’ll explore the beauty that can be found in space to inspire our own art. We will create models of the solar system, study satellite pictures, make space slime, create imaginary worlds of planets far away, and more. Camp includes one day at the Bloomfield Science Museum. Note: there will be no camp on Tisha Ba’av, August 1. 1470 nis
NEW! Mini Session: Space Camp ONLY, July 30-Aug 3 790 nis

wood1.jpgCarpentry: Ages 10-15 What can you make with your hands? Build a table, a bench, a dollhouse, or even a fortress for your cat. The sky is the limit once you learn the basic principles of building in our wood shop.  Watch our video here.  Note: there will be no camp on Tisha Ba’av, August 1. 1960 nis (includes additional fees for materials & insurance)


Creative Creatures: Ages 4-10 This week is all about animals! At the creatures7.jpgzoo, we will learn about texture, color, symmetry, and camouflage in the cSAMSUNGontext of the animal world. Back at camp, we will imagine new animals and bring them alive through puppets, paper mache sculptures, pillows, and more. 820 nis

Best of the Open Studio: Ages 10-15
Build your skills in many different specialty art forms, from mosaics to glass, painting & drawing, jewelry-making to canvas painting, and more! 820 nis


Mosaics and Tinker Lab: Ages 4-11 In our last week of camp, children can decide whether to spend it tinkering or creating mosaics. (Please note that this is ONE session in registration, even though there are two choices). 820 nis

Tinker Lab: Children will experiment with machines, tinker1magnetism, electric currents, color, light, chemical reactions, and air pressure. They’ll spend the week tinkering in our “Maker Space”, creating whatever machines, robots, and creatures they can dream up using metals, electric paint, batteries, motors, recycled materials and more.

Jerusalem is a treasure trove ofmosaics7.jpg mosaic masterpieces, both ancient and modern. We will visit several of these mosaics, be inspired by them, and create our own masterpieces using ceramic tiles, stained glass, china, and found objects. Both traditional and modern mosaic techniques will be taught.



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