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Expose your children to limitless possibilities, inspiration and motivation, allowing them to imagine and to create their own worlds. For five years, The Open Studio has offered Travelling Arts Camps where children are inspired to love people, places, history, and the beauty Jerusalem has to offer. Come join us where art is for everyone!

Unless otherwise noted, all camp sessions go from Sunday to Thursday 9am-2pm & include Kosher snacks. Children bring their own lunches. Registration includes one sketchbook and T-shirt per child. There are additional options for early drop off (from 8:15am) and our famous Open Studio (Free Choice) Tzaharon (afternoon program until 4pm). Daily Registration is available for several camps for 200nis per day.

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4 weeks of camp or more… 10% off*

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Early Drop off (from 8:15) 50 nis per week, Tzaharon (Afternoon Program) 150 nis per week – includes free early drop off

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Week 4: July 25-28 (no camp on Sunday July 25 – 17 Tammuz)

Fizz, Pop, BangNEW! Children will combine Science and Art in Israel’s first integrated (STEAM) camp. Children will build, discover, explore and create combining art and scientific experiments. Optical illusions, magical tricks, homemade art supplies, and more. We will visit the Bloomfield Science museum. Ages 5-10 690 nis

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Wood Studio What can you make with your hands? Build a table, bench, dollhouse, or a fortress for your cat. The sky is the limit once you learn the basic principles of hand building in our woodshop. Ages 10-16 July 25-August 1 (6 days!) 1270 nis (includes additional fees for materials & insurance) Wood Camp 2015 on You Tube


Week 5: July 31-August 4

2014-07-21 16.51.48Monster Camp – Create your own monsters, dragons & dinosaur pillows, sculptures, homes, puppets, cartoons, costumes & more. There is no limit to what you can create! We will visit the nature museum for inspiration and of course Jerusalem’s mascot, The Mifletzet, ages 4-10! 770 nis

IMG_3804Mosaics & Paper Arts – Our time will be divided in working in the Open Studio’s two favorite medium, paper and mosaics. A number of project will be offered including paper making, papier mache, paper cutting, and glass and ceramic mosaics. We will learn about famous paper and mosaic artists and learn their techniques. We will visit some or our favorite mosaics in Jerusalem as well as the stunning Mosaics in the Museum of North African Jewish Art. Ages 8-13, 770 nis

Handy Teen NEW! Who says teens can’t help around the house? Join Master carpenter, locksmith, and handyman teacher, Tsidky Liran in this interactive workshop. This course will empower & teach teens independence and self-esteem through learning how to fix most household problems; using tools, drilling, plumbing, fixing leaky faucets, power, doors, working with wood, changing locks & do basic renovations. Ages 12-adult. August 2-4 & 7-11 10:00-1:30 pm (8 sessions!), 1400 nis includes course handbook. OPEN TO ADULTS!


Week 6: August 7-11

Mosaics & Paper Arts – See description above. Ages 5-7 Paper Arts, Ages 8-12 Mosaics, 770 nis

2014-08-18 11.56.05Fabric Arts & Jewelry – NEW DATE! Ever want to up-cycle a part of your wardrobe, make your own jewelry, knit rugs from recycled Tshirts? This is the opportunity to create a look that is uniquely you & make beautiful gifts that your friends and family will treasure forever. We will meet with Jerusalem textile and jewelry artists in their studios. Ages 9-12. 770 nis

Handy Teen continuessee description above. Ages 12-15


Week 7: August 15-18 (No camp on Sunday August 14 – 9 Av)

Tinker LabNEW PRICE! Expermienting with machines, magnetism, electric currents, color, light, chemical reactions & air pressure, children will experiment and Tinker around the studio creating whatever machines, robots, & creatures they can dream up using metals, electric paint, batteries, motors & recycled materials. Ages 5-10. 750 nis

Wood Studio – NEW DATES! NEW PRICE! See description above. Ages 9-13 . 1060 nis (includes additional fee for materials and insurance) August 15-21nd (5 days)! Wood Camp 2015 on You Tube


Week 8: August 21-25

2014-07-22 13.43.56Little Masters – NEW! Travel back in time and meet some of art’s most famous masters. We will learn face to face with Leonardo Davinci, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso and other artistic masters and be inspired to build, sculpt, paint and explore in their styles. We will work in mosaics, glass painting, Acrylic painting, Sculpture and more. We will spend a day at the Israel museum and meet with some of Jerusalem’s most inspiring artists in their studios. Ages 4-10. 870 nis

Best of the Open Studio – Back by Special Request! Choose from our favorite projects from throughout the summer, come to finish up or delver further into a specific art form. The sky is the limit here, where you decide what to do in the studio. Ages 8-13. 870 nis

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Questions: call 054-626-8496 or 077-60-40-523

Week 1: July 3-7

braceletsBiz Kids – Ever want to sell something you made? This is the chance for young entrepreneurs to create their own businesses from idea to finished product, budget, marketing plan and more. We will visit the Israeli National Bank and meet with local business owners to hear how they got started. Camp will culminate in an open market where children will advertise and sell their products and proceeds will go to a Tzedekkah of their choosing. Ages 6-12. July 3-14 (2 weeks!) 1440 nis

2014-07-24 12.52.31.jpgArt with the Masters – We will “meet” famous artists through time and learn about what made them famous. We will create art inspired by their styles and each participant will emerge with a style of his or her own. We will spend a full day at the Israel museum touring the Fine Arts Wing and Sculpture garden and meet with Israeli artists in their studios. Ages 8-13. 770 nis

film2Film Camp – Join master filmmaker, Yaron Shane and learn how to create your very own movies from beginning to end using professional sound, cameras, lighting and editing equipment. Yaron will take each session (2 weeks) through the process of writing a script, directing, producing, acting, creating a set and finally editing and adding special effects. Movies will be premiered at the end of each session by our friends and family. Ages 10-15. This camp will run from 10:00 until 14:00 each day. July 3-14 (10 days!) 1680 nis Film Camp Behind the Scenes on You Tube


Week 2: July 10-14

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puppetry1Puppetry – Join puppeteer Rama Shifron as she guides you through the creation of your own life-size foam puppets. You will learn how to bring your puppets to life, write a script & perform a play for our end of camp exhibition. You will see a professional puppet show and meet backstage with the puppeteers. Small group. Ages 8-13 Note: This camp will run from 9:00 until 16:00 each day. 1100 nis

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Week 3: July 17-21

2014-07-10 11.05.08Archaeology of Jerusalem – Working in two groups, campers will create secret societies complete with cultural artifacts. We will then age & bury our artifacts. Then, we will become archaeologists, dig up the other group’s forgotten society and literaly piece together what we find. We will study the methods that archaeologists use and simulate a real archaeological dig. We will visit the Israel Museum’s world famous Archaeology wing or participate at the City of David sifting project. Ages 6-10. 820 nis

Film Camp – See description above. Ages 8-12. July 17-28 (9 days!) 1680 nis Film Camp Behind the Scenes on You Tube

Puppetry – See description above. Ages 12-15. This camp will run from 9:00 until 16:00 each day. 1100 nis