Where is Beit HaNoar Ha’Ivri?
HaRav Herzog St. 105, Jerusalem (by Tsomet Pat). We’ll be located here for Sessions 1 and 2.

Where is Midreshet Emunah V’Omanut?
Emek Refaim 46, Jerusalem. We’ll be located here for Sessions 3-5.

Who are the staff?
Our art staff and camp directors are professional educators and artists. Our madrichim have experience in both working with children and art. Many of them are graduates of Open Studio summer camps themselves. All of our staff is bilingual (Hebrew and English speakers).

What is the staff to camper ratio?
For every 10 campers, there will be one staff member and one CIT.

What food is included?
Snack and lunch* are included daily. Aruchat Eser (breakfast) including a roll with cheese, jam, hummus etc. and a drink.
*Lunch is provided during sessions 1-3 for the ages 5-11 camps, and includes a hot meat dish, pizza on Thursdays, and fruit or a popsicle. Everything is Mehadrin Kosher. Children in these groups are only permitted to bring their own food to camp in case of specific allergies and/or with the permission of the Camp Director. Children are not permitted to share food.

Does the camp have insurance?
All campers are insured by law and we are licensed under the auspices of Liga camp. Two security guards will be around campus at all times.

What are the religious aspects of camp?
The Open Studio Camps are welcome to everyone. Camp is strictly Kosher. Swimming activities are separate for boys and girls. All other activities are mixed. Campers that want to join in morning prayers with Liga Camp are welcome to do so but not required.

How do I pay?
1. First you register via our link
2. Once your registration is received, we will send you an invoice via email which you can pay by bank transfer or by dropping off a check or cash at camp or in The Open Studio’s Mailbox (HaPalmach 33, apt 4)
3. Please note, early bird discounts apply only if payment is received by the deadline.