Children’s Chugim 2019-2020

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Welcome to The Open Studio, where your child will find his or her way through a hub or inspiration, support & opportunities to be creative, to learn, make friends and to bring out his or her own inner artist. This year we have chugim in Art, English, Drama and Carpentry. Check out our schedule below or email us at to find out the chug that is right for your child.

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DIY “Do It Yourself” Art

IMG_20180717_125946_Bokeh.jpgIf its not flat, we will make it in this chug. We will build, sculpt, melt, curl, bake, shrink, twist and attach; wires, paper, clay, FIMO, plastalina, cardboard, plastic, fabrics, plaster as we explore the concepts of shape, structure, texture, color and line in DIY projects that we find and design.



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Children will learn the English letters and their sounds though a different corresponding art project each week. Children build an alphabet book throughout the year with their pictures and artwork as they learn to recognize and put together simple words. Ages 3-6, English spoken. Includes portfolio book.


Carpentry: Hand Building

nitzanim 2We will learn to build with our hands using basic carpentry skills. We will build in wood, cardboard, and learn to up-cycle plastic and other materials in our projects. Grades 4-5





Teens will learn basic carpentry skills. We will start the year with learning our tools through the building of smaller objects, tools, shelves, etc and will continue with our own self-designed projects such as benches, tables, step-stools, etc. We will work with hand and jig saws, awls, sanding, hammers, nails, wood glue and paints. Grades 6-11


Games and activities through drama. Increase your child’s self confidence and let their inner actor/actress shine forth! Grades 1-5

Science of Art 

20151013_170118.jpgExplore that magical place where science and art meet. Make slime, rainbow volcanoes, sidewalk chalk paints, homemade egg paint and more. We will learn about color mixing, crystals, solutions, mixtures, magnetism, absorption and apply these concepts in our artwork. Ages 3-6




Open Studio
IMG_20180809_142422_BokehOur namesake program. Children are given lots of ideas and inspiration to try out various techniques and art forms while focusing on alternating elements of art: color, shape, line, texture and value. For the first half of the year, we introduce and teach skills in various art forms such as: paper arts, glass and mosaic arts, textiles and fabric, jewelry making, painting & drawing, sculpture and more. As the year goes on, the children are given more choices and eventually design their own long-term projects. Grades 1-6

Little Guys (Open Studio Juniors)
IMG_20180808_134306__01.jpgSame as above, but with a bit more structure, and a focus on the elements of art: color, line, shape, texture and value. Ages 2-3




Open Studio Masters
IMG_20180808_102422.jpgSame as the Open Studio, but with a bit more time and free choice. Pre-teens and teens are empowered and encouraged to explore their individuality, creativity and confidence. We start each session with a 10 minute art meditation (Warm-Up), where students are encouraged to create in their sketchbooks using only the materials provided.  Ages 11-15.

Painting & Drawing
IMG_20180820_112654_Bokeh__01.jpgWe will explore the elements of art and drawing using the 5 elements of art as our guide and will work in pencil, charcoal, chalks, watercolors, and acrylics. We will learn and work in various techniques representing realistic forms such as landscapes, still-life and perspective.




Chugim run from Sept 26-mid June. Prices are on an annual basis, broken into 9 monthly payments for your convenience. There will be 30-33 sessions of each chug throughout the year (depending on the day of the week), we basically follow the school calendar. To see our full schedule and pricing:

Withdrawals mid-year will entail a one-month fee. Chugim are taught in English & Hebrew. Payments are done by credit card each month. All prices are in NIS.

If your child has not yet been to the Open Studio, they are welcome to come try out as many chugim as they would like for 50 nis per chug. The first trial is free until Sept 30 2018.

*Pick ups from school cost 50nis per day of the week, per month. Minimum number of children required to arrange pick up.

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